I Breastfed For 4 5 Hrs Lastnight

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Priscilla - October 4

My baby is a week old and seems to be attached to my br___t! When awake, all he wants to do is nurse and lastnight I fed him for 4 1/2 hours with only minutes of him dosing off in between.I was in tears by the end of it. I know he is getting plenty of milk because I hear him swallowing so partially he is pacifying. Although lastnight was not the norm, usually I will feed him for 30 minutes or so and 15 or 20 minutes later he wants on the br___t again and this continues until he falls asleep. I have tried several binkys and he is not interested at all. So am I just destined to be a walking pacifier or is there something that I can do to help him be comforted in other ways?


CEM - October 4

sometimes it takes a while for them to get the hang of the soother thing. just keep trying until he catches on. if you KNOW he's full, there's no reason for you to sit for that long. it might take a while, but it's worth a try.


Jamie - October 5

your baby is a week old. By the time he's 6 weeks, he'll only be nursing every 3 hours or so. I know it sucks to be a literal cow, but just take advantage of cuddling with your son; it's a great bonding time that no one else gets to have but you and him.


been there - October 5

when my two year old was an infant he used to do the same thing to me all night. From about 12-5am. but eventually he stopped. ( i think it took a few weeks) also my newborn did this to me as well in the hospital. Thank god he stopped at about a week. He is now 3 1/2 weeks old and only wakes every 3-6 hours in the night to feed. it is called cluster feeding and alot of newborns do it. The nurses couldn't believe it at the hospital when my little one did it to me. but i am positive it will only last for a short period. as it did with my boys.


have that same issue - October 5

I wind up giving him a bottle of pumped milk due to the same problem- the times i tried to b___st feed exclusively, he wanted on the b___b all day long.... and then every time i took him off, hed cry again. how often should a 3.5 week old need to be b___st fed anyway? i wish we could tell how many ounces they got at a b___st feeding, its so hard when you dont know...


benn there again - October 5

i think a 3.5 weeks old should feed when he is hungry which is alot in my little fella's case. he was 8lbs 5 ozs when he was born and last time i got him weighed was at 3 weeks and he was already 11lbs 2 ozs. during the day he eats anywhere between 1.5-4 hours apart but luckily he goes longer in the night. usually it's only one night time feeding. He will eat anywhere from 10-12 then he wakes at 4-5 then again around 7-8 and then he goes back to sleep again till about 10-11:30. Don't worry when they are hungry you will know it


me again - October 5

ooh my little one when he has a bottle will stop himself at around 4-4.5 ozs. Babies will also stop eating when they are not hungry anymore, especially from the bottle.


have that same issue - October 7

I dont get it... last night I b___st fed for an hour, and then he still took 4 oz of pumped milk from a bottle. ack! whats the point of the b___st feeding for an hour if it isnt satisfying him at all, if he still needs a full bottle of pumped milk? Im so confused, it takes him 40 min to finish a bottle, so I wound up feeding him for almost 2 hours!!


To I have the same issue - October 9

Breastfeeding is a supply and demand system. When a baby starts needing more milk it will take sometime for your body to adjust to this change. The baby needs to nurse longer to fill the belly and it takes longer for your body to make the milk. After a few agonizing days your body makes more milk and every one is happy. This occurs around 1 week of age, again at 3 weeks of age and 6 weeks of age. So do your best. Subst_tuiting with bottles will only lower your milk production you need to nurse to build it up. Now if your little one is using you as a pacifier, which my daughter did. I would try to slowly decrease the time he or she spends latched on each day until it is a lengh of time comfortable for both of you. My daughter refused to use a pacifier and used me instead. Ouch! I just limited her time to my b___st slowly and in a week or so we were both happy. Good Luck to all. Every baby is different so know one knows for sure why your baby is nursing so long. You will need to be the judge. Is the baby hungry or just want the confort of mom? Soon you will be able to tell which it is.


have that same issue. - October 9

i dont think thats my problem= after he nursed for an hour and then took the 3 oz bottle, i pumped to see what was left in the b___st, and i pumped out over 2 more ounces. i had plenty of supply. i think he doesnt get it fast enough like with the bottle, so he falls asleep and gets lazy... he gets a little from the b___b then falls asleep and then is still hungry. ugh!


Hilda - October 10

My baby is now 12 months and he STILL b/feeds all night long? Literally 1 hour at a time. I keep getting up every 2 hours or so. This is draining me physically! What am I supposed to do? Any1 got advice for me? I am so tired!!! Actually thinking of taking him off b___st milk completely!!! He also won't sleep in his own cot!! HELP!!!!!


To Hilda - October 10

i would switch to formula at least at night but with the other foods your little one is eating he should be sleeping throught the night if formula (you could use milk now that he is 1 yr.) you might want to check with the dr. it could be other issues (teething, not feeling well) let us know


to Hilda - October 10

you need to have a few bad nights by putting your baby in his own bed and maybe have your hubby give a bottle of b___stmilk or formula to give you a break. The baby is using you as a pacifier and you need to break this habit now. Like I said, you will have a few nights of fussing, but you are already anyway, so ....


Hilda - October 12

Thank u for your advice! I will try it from 2nite. This has gone on for too long!! Will let u know the outcome!!!


Jamie - October 13

Your baby isn't using you as a pacifier, he's just an inefficient sucker. Be patient with him, and let him get better at it - after all, this is the first time he's ever had to work for his dinner. By giving him a bottle at this age, you're only going to make the problem worse, since the bottle is easier to drink from than your b___st.


C - October 13

I remember the first 4 or so weeks feeling the same way. I was so stressed out. The only way I could leave the house was if I brought a bottle of formula. Trust me everything will get better. My son used to nurse on each side for 30 minutes (longer if I let him). Then 20 minutes later he'd be crying again. Now my son is 5 months and it only takes 10 minutes on each side. I hear another growth spurt is coming up but I doubt it'll be bad now that I'm back to work and I pump. Let us know if it gets better for you.


Priscilla - October 13

Hilda, Please dont take the advice of letting your baby cry it out. Their have been some helpful responses to my original posting and the feeding is getting better. I took my baby to his 2 week visit today and he gained over a pound in a week and a half and is very happy and healthy. So the 4.5 hr session is well worth it. Hang in there, but please dont deprive your baby of what he needs most... you.



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