I Can T Stop Producing Milk

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Taylor - March 3

well my question is basically, after i had my child and stopped br___t feeding my br___t have well not stopped producing...i haven't br___tfed in like 2 and a half years but my br___ts still produce milk to this day has anyone every experienced that and what can i do to stopped it? I saw a medical proffesional and they said i have to live with it but i cant please someone help!


Lisa - March 3

Yes! I was still producing milk 5 years AFTER i stopped b___st feeding. Apparently, there are tablets you can take to dry it up completely, but i have never looked into it. I gave birth to my daughter weeks ago, i am b___stfeeding her, but if i continue to have the same problem after i finish feeding i will probably speak to my doctor about it


kashi - March 5

drink lots of peppermint tea. it will stop the production. no need for chemicals! good luck


Ebone - May 3

My b___st milk has really decreased, I had to go back to work so I can't really keep to pumping my b___st every 3 hours, I do however pump in the morning, night and when it's possilbe for me to pump at work, I am not getting the same flow as i was when she was born the reaseon why i pump is because my daughter was born 26 week gestation. my question is what should i do about my decreasing milk flow, will it be incresed by the time my daughter gets out the hospital. Please help me a very concerned mom!


michelle - May 3

To Ebone - I found this. It may be helpful. pump: Pumping List: Discussion list about pumping and related issues (lactation problems, supply boosters etc.). To subscribe, send a message to [email protected] Leave the subject line blank and type SUBSCRIBE PUMP in the body of the message. Try also La Leche League's website, b___stfeeding.com, kellymom.com. I don't know if your situation is covered but it can't hurt to look. I hope your baby is doing well.


Loren - May 4

I have the same problem. I saw my ob/gyn and he sent me to see a general surgeon to have a lacrimal duct probe done to see if there was some type of blockage. However, the surgeon opted not to do this since I was able to express milk from many areas of my areola, instead of just one or two lines. I too was told to live with it. They gave me an oral medication, I believe it was called something like bromocriptimine, that is used to help dry up the milk. Nope, still didn't work. Then they said that Paxil could have some type of distant effect on the production of milk. I stopped taking that as well, and I still am able to express milk. Do you have a large amount or just a little? Do you still feel your let downs?


tasha - May 26

yes u can stop b___stfeeding go to the doctors and ask for real professional help!



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