I Do Not Want To Brest Feed At All

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sugarlips - November 27

Hello all, I have a question. I don't want to bf at all.....The thought of it literally makes me feel sick. Is that normal. I have decided to stick with formula i think. The baby is due in a week. How do i bring this up to my doc?


excited2bemama - November 27

Why is it that it makes you feel sick?? Its your decision but I would encourage you to try b___stfeeding- you never know about something until you try...I am sure you know all the benfits of it. Most docs aren't going to give you a problem. Lots of woman formula feed but I would encourage you to b___stfeed even if its for a few days or a few weeks.. any b___stmilk is better than none.


sugarlips - November 27

I'm not sure why it does, i just dont even like my hubby touching me there usually it makes me feel uncomfortable.


lily10 - November 27

I really don't understand what your issue is? If you don't want to b___stfeed don't. I think it's a shame that b___stfeeding makes you feel sick but to each is own. I doubt your doctor will make an issue about your not b___stfeeding. Most doctors support the mothers choice to b___stfeed or formula feed. Is it just the thought of nursing the baby that makes you sick or the b___st milk? You could always pump your baby some b___st milk for a few weeks so they can at least have some b___st milk. Just a thought. I wish all mom's would at least try b___stfeeding, at least their LO could have the first few days of colostrum. Good luck with the birth of your new baby and don't worry about your doctor.


sammy - November 28

A baby on your b___st & your husband touching your b___st, are definitely not the same thing. I'm also not a big fan of having my husband touch my b___sts either, but I absolutely loved b___stfeeding!! It was such a wonderful bonding time for myself & my ds, & I don't care what people say, it's not the same thing or same type of bonding as when you bottle feed. (My ds also got a bottle at times...& I definitely don't have a problem with it, it's just not the same). I agree w/ the 1st poster, give it a chance...you never know until you try. I hope it all works out for you.


Emmie - December 4

If you dont want to b___stfeed then dont. I think that it would be a good idea to at least try it but if you dont want to, it is your choice and you decision. I dont think a doctor would try to sway you one way or another. Good luck on what you decide.


crystal74 - December 5

I don't understand why you feel that way. It is the best thing you can give your baby. There are so many benefits from b___stfeeding and the bond that you get for mommy and baby is amazing. It helps shrink down your uterus, so many many benefits. Google the benefits of b___stfeeding and then decide


EricaG - December 6

I understand your reluctancy to b___stfeed. When I was pregnant with my daughter I would have nightmares that I would give birth to this beuatiful baby and when I would try to latch her onto my b___st she would grow fangs and attack my b___b, lol. It was crazy! I had such a subconcsious fear of it! Well, I thought about it through my whole pregnancy and here's what I thought. When I got pregnant with this baby, I made a decision to make a life, and I owe it to that life to do what is best for it in every situation, even if it doesn't work out, I always have to try. So when my daughter was born I nursed her and it was frustrating and painful and we had some issues. But then all of that went away within a few weeks and I realized that I love nursing her. I nursed her until she was 14 months old. I was going to nurse her until 18 months but I got pregnant when she was 14 months and my milk supply dried up. So my reccomendation is to try it, don't let your fears control you, and give it an honest to goodness try. If you just can't after that then ok, but don't give up before you even tried. And about your doctor, a lot of women formula feed, so it won't be anything new for him to hear. If you're really set on just formula feeding then just tell him.



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