I Had To Leave Her Today

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Jennifer123 - March 1

My dd is almost 12 weeks old and today was our practice day at the daycare. She will be going 2 days a week and luckily one of my good friends teaches the infant room. The sad part for me this morning was that most of the kids are 7-9 months. They will all move up to the next room in August and then my dd will be one of the older ones. There was some fussing and crying when we got there and she looked at me and her bottom lip curled - she wanted to cry but was too tired and went to sleep. I stayed w/ her for about 30 minutes but it was just so hard to leave her. We have left her plent y of times w/ family members but this was different. Here she was inhaling all of the kid germs :) That's something I have to get over I know. I miss her and 1:00 can't come fast enough today. Anyone else starting daycare at such a young age?


kellens mom - March 1

I clearly remember the guilt! For now, it is best to drop her off as quickly as possible to make the transition easier for her. Don't rush through the door at night and scream "Mommy loves her baby" and coddle, sqweeze and love. Load her up and cuddle at home. Trust me, it will make daycare more fun for EVERYONE. Our dd had a hard time adjusting the first week because everything was so new (yes she was 12 weeks old as well). Even that young, they know what is "home" and what is not. There will be lots of bright colors and lights to look at. Kids to watch, etc. Don't expect naps to be as long as normal and expect a tired little girl when you get home. After a few weeks, she will become accostume to the place and her routine will return. Our dd went 5 days a week, so it may take you dd a while longer to adapt since she is only going a few days a week. Our dd actually loves daycare and socializing. Hopefully yours does too. It does get easier and you both will make it through. Time has to pa__s first...


tryingx3 - March 1

Mine started at 11.5 wks too...she is now 5.5 months. I feel your pain. It is hard, but it does get easier - even though you don't ever want leaving your baby to be "easier". She will get sick and you will cry and feel the guilt all over again! Be comforted that you KNOW the teacher, after 5 mo of me feeling uncomfortable (but couldn't put my finger on it)...with my dd's teacher, she was fired because of multiple complaints.


kellens mom - March 1

Tryingx3 brings up a good point. Give the new provider and dd a chance. If after a certain period your child does not seem happy...there is something wrong. It never hurts to keep you ears open for good providers - just in case.



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