I Have To Stop Breastfeeding

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Guiltymommy - May 9

I have to stop br___tfeeding my 6 month old. I am feeling extremely guilty but I have found it extremely tough this time, being my fourth baby. He is taking formula during the day and he will take bottles at night as well. However, these are making him gassy and he is still very wakeful at night, I then feel so bad that I br___tfeed him to sleep, this is the only thing that calms him but I think I'm overfeeding him now too. He is getting about 7 ounces of formula twice every night and within an hour of each, a full br___tfeed. How else can I cope with his histeria (he doesn't like pacifiers) and how can I cope mentally - knowing that I have to ability to comfort him immediately. My husband works away and I have no-one else to help. Please someone help me out...


ConfuseD - May 9

I'd recommend not giving up the b___stfeeding. It sounds as though your child loves, as does my fifth child, being cuddled next to you while feeding. I suspect that's what calms him down. He may be a very snuggly type of baby, who needs a lot of touch to feel secure. Also, b___stmilk, as you know, is best for baby and b___stfeeding is best for you. Besides, what would you do if you gave up b___stfeeding and found that your baby was still ga__sy and alert at night? It may be that your baby is just a ga__sy little guy, and that formula makes his gas worse. Also, his night owl tendencies may be a (temporary) part of his growing phase. Or, he may have knocked his sleeping pattern off kilter. Try keeping him up during the day, and see if he'll sleep more at night. Hang in there, and good luck!


Jamie - May 10

If the formula and bottles are making him ga__sy, and b___stfeeding is helping him sleep, it's not the b___stfeeding that's the problem, it's the formula and bottles. Can you change bottles? Or try a different variety of formula? Or give him expressed b___st milk in a bottle?


Susan W - May 10

I'd keep nursing him at night and drop the bottles at night instead of the nursing. It makes him feel better. Is there any way you can not use the formula during the day if that's bothering him? I'd work on making sure he gets proper naps -- good naps during the day help them sleep at night -- and keep nursing. Don't worry about overfeeding. Babies can nurse at the b___st just for comfort, unlike a bottle, and it sounds like he needs that. I have a close friend who has 9 children, all 2 years apart, and nursed all of them, so it can be done. Good luck.


Guiltymommy - May 10

I think I haven't made my point clear, I have been advised to introduce bottles and formula as my baby is waking hourly when b___stfeeding alone. I still feed him in the mornings when the house is quiet and we can both spend some time together and enjoy it. I recently have expressed some milk and my b___stmilk does not have the fat content that it has had in the past, in fact it looks like cloudy water. I don't particulary want to give it up but have been advised that the baby isn't getting enough nutrition (no solids introduced yet, tried and rejected). Beside the fact that I have 3 under 3's and 1 older child. I can hardly do the school runs without a howling baby. I want to be able to enjoy them all rather than being tired and grumpy all time. I do think that its wonderful that people can b___stfeed 5-9 children in quick succession - I am just finding it very difficult. Not to mention again that I have no support network at home most of the time, to help with the other children and I am due back to work a week on Monday! Bottles have definately made my life slightly easier, I have invested in the anti-colic type and changed formula a couple of times but he is still ga__sy. I also give him lots of hugs and cuddles, in fact he is glued to my hip daily and sleeps with me most of the night, which I love and did with all my children. I want to be able to enjoy b___stfeeding the feeds I still maintain, not feel under pressure to do it to 'keep him quiet'. Has anyone got any other method of calming him during the night? And dealing with gas?


Missy - May 11

Guiltymommy - I don't think you should feel guilty at all. You are thinking of what is best for you AND your baby - you both need restful sleep and proper nutrition in order to be happy, healthy individuals. I am currently attempting to wean my 7 mo old from BF at night and having a hard time with it - both physically and emotionally. I don't have any suggestions for you, I can only offer my "kudos" to you for raising 4 healthy children and basically doing it yourself! YOU GO GIRL!


Guiltymommy - May 11

Thanks for your support Missy, I really need it right now! Last night was better, I nearly feel human again! Good luck to you.


angie m - May 11

Guiltymommy I agree with missy you shouldn't feel guilty. I know this is hard though because I had to stop nursing my secend baby because I had to take medication and I felt very guilty. I think that your baby might just be ga__sy. I nursed my first tell he was 14 months and he was always ga__sy and fussy and would wake up about every hour to nurse and he never had a bottle. My second one, the one I had to stop nursing, was never ga__sy or fussy even will using a bottle. The only thing that would calm my first one down besides nursing him was to walk with him or take him for a car ride. But I think this just made things worse because he would then need to be walked to sleep or go for a ride to go to sleep plus it didn't help me get more sleep. The only thing I can think of is to let him cry himself to sleep if you can. I know that it might sound terrible but it is the only way to get them to learn to comfort them selfs so we don't always have to do it. When my first had to quit nursing so I could go to work, my mom watched him at night well I work so I could be with him during the day, and she let him cry him self to sleep. I did it with my other two at about 6 monthes and after about a week they would go to sleep all by them selfs without crying at all. If you can I would try it . It doesn't prevent them from wakeing up during the night if they are hungry but it will help them go right back to sleep after nursing them or giving them a bottle. Good luck. I hope you find somthing that works.


Nerdy Girl - May 12

Guiltymommy, I have no idea how you do it at all with all those other kids. Kudos to you, girlfriend! I nursed my 1st baby for 12 months. My 2nd baby was a terrible b___stfeeder, coupled with the face that my 3 year old was having SERIOUS ISSUES surrounding the baby's arrival. I also had complications from my 2nd c-section. It was all just too much for me to handle. I lasted only 6 weeks b___stfeeding my son, then pumped for another 6 weeks. I too felt so much guilt about not b___stfeeding my son as long as my daughter. All I can say is that you need to do what is best for your current situation, and only you can make that type of decision. Everyone is going to have their opinion, and someone will make you feel bad no matter what you decide. Switching over to bottles helped me to be a better mom to both of my kids. It took awhile for me to be at peace with that, but now I know it is the right thing. BTW - we went though the gas thing too. I switched to Enfamil Gentlease and Dr. Browns bottle. That really helped. And like you, my son will not take a pacifier either.


Guiltymommy - May 12

Everyone, I really appreciate your help, encouragment and your support. This has been 4 days now and my little diamond is settling down, I am enjoying the b___stfeeding that I have maintained and the gas from the bottles has settled. We are going at night (bottles) for about 6-7 hours and then back down (another bottle) for 4, I b___stfeed in the morning and at lunch/afternoon. We just needed a little help. He is going to sleep by himself also (I was advised not to let him 'cry it out' until he was on full solids - which he hates - and until I was sure he was definately not hungry). Without a shadow of a doubt bottles are more work and my other children are questioning them more than the baby, my two year old is still b___stfeeding her teddies! But they have helped someone who was on the edge of despair! I always wanted a dozen children and was rocked by this experience somewhat, however your support and encouragement has empowered me to cope with anything. Bring on no.5!


Heather F - May 18

my goodness guilty mommy - power to you - I admire your strength - I have an 8 week old and still dont think i want anymore, its the hardest job I have ever done! You shouldnt feel guilty you should be proud of yourself!



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