I M Having Issues Please Help

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angelinakai - October 21

I am concerned about how I am br___tfeeding. My son has always only been able to eat for an average of 10 minutes per feeding. He is almost 4 weeks old. He never finishes one side. I pumped this morning and one br___t alone made 5oz! I am thinking that that is way too much. He often cries while he is nursing, but I thought that may be bc I use a nipple sheild. He sucks really really hard and it hurts too bad without it. So, how can I make less milk so that he can get the proper amount of hinds milk? Could he be crying during feedings bc my letdown is too fast? I don't really know what I'm doing at all. Thanks for your help. ps... the good things are that he is growing properly and he has tons of wet and poopy diapers :)


slackette - October 21

Sounds like a forceful letdown to me....I have the same issue. My left b___st is especially "milkful" and the letdown is forceful for the entire feed (I can see it when I pump). Today my left one skipped a feeding and after 5-6 hours I pumped 8 oz in under 10 minutes! I could have gone more but my bottle was filled up. My son also cries while nursing IF I do not pump beforehand. So basically if I know its been a while on my left b___st I will pump for a good 4-5 minutes (even if that means I am pumping 4 oz out). I will then offer him the b___st and it makes a world of difference. At that point my b___b feels almost empty and deflated but he is still able to get milk from it at a good letdown pace. I also will offer him that same b___st within a 2-3 hour period b/c the milk is still replenishing so the letdown isn't as forceful b/c I am not as engorged. I haven't figured out how to get the left one to even out and make less like the right one has....At this point I don't mind b/c I am able to store alot of milk from just the left one for when I have to go back to work. Also, they recommend feeding your LO while you are completely reclined and he is on your chest. I have tried this a few times, but I (and my LO) do not like it so much. BTW, my LO is 10 weeks old now and we have been dealing with this since about week 2-3.....


angelinakai - October 21

Thank you Slackette, I never imagined all that is involved with b___stfeeding. It seems like such a simple, natural thing, but it can be so complicated. Does your LO feed from both b___sts or just one per feeding? I can't believe you got 8 oz from one! I missed a feeding last night and didnt pump... I used stored b___stmilk.... and I had to change my shirt 3 times during the night bc I when I woke up it was completely soaked with milk. I am starting to feel like a dairy farm!


excited2bemama - October 22

I agree- it sounds like forceful letdown. My lo is 4.5 months now and its ALOT better.At 4 weeks you probably still have over supply. It will get better. I used to pump for appro2-4 min if I was really full so that it wouldn't come out so fast.. You never stop learning with b___stfeeding. I am still learning stuff everyday about it. If you pump off some of the milk first your lo will probably get to the hindmilk- but your milk supply will adjust even if you don't pump off some in the beginning of a feeding. For the first 2 months I don't think my lo ever empyied my b___sts. over supply is a huge pain- BUt its better than low supply. Your a doing a great job. Hang in there.. b___stfeeding is a bumpy road in the beginning.


jen327 - October 23

It will get better. I just got rid of the shield 2 weeks ago, my LO is 13 weeks old. He nursed for about 25 mins with the shield and 10 without. I too had pain without the shield but I just grinned and beared it and it got much better once my nipples got used to it. I am totally done now. Good luck


slackette - October 24

My LO will usually just feed from one b___st at a time. Definitely when he feeds from the left one. When he feeds from the right one and he still seems hungry, I will try and switch him to the left one to finish him off, but he will only need to feed from that one for a minute or two (again, b/c I have SOOO much milk in my left one). It is a frustrating thing (forceful letdown), but like exited2bemama said, its better to have too much than not enough! Hang in there....you will figure out a way to b___stfeed your LO that works for the two of you. I am sure millions of women have dealt with forceful letdown over the course of human history, they just didn't have a nifty internet forum to go to for help!!



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