I M So Frustrated Please Help

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MommyMeg07 - March 1

My daughter will be two weeks old tomorrow. We've been br___tfeeding exclusively since she was born, and she's really done great altogether. Last week she went through two days where she wouldn't latch on, she'd just play with my nipple in her mouth, and she'd pull away and SCREAM. I'd try for an hour to get her to eat. Then she got over it and ate really well for another week or so. Now today, she's started it again. It's so frustrating because I know she needs to eat! She'll get tiny bits of milk just from moving her mouth around on my nipple, but sometimes when she pulls away, I'll see that she's been holding this resevoir of milk in her mouth and she spits it all out. I've been trying to listen to her stomach today, and it has been making a lot of noise, so maybe she has a belly ache? What are these phases she goes through? I don't want to have to quit br___tfeeding!! I'm hoping that this is common... have any of you been through it? Thanks so much in advance


Mom of 2 - March 1

Have you tryed pumping your milk and feeding her with that?


DDT - March 1

My DS also does the same thing...he is 12 days old. I don't know why he does it but he works himself into a frenzy sometimes...he will latch and then pull away after a few sucks...he does this over and over...my nipples hurt from it...sometimes I think he isn't really hungry but just using the nipple to soothe himself and when the milk goes into his mouth he pulls away and gets upset about it.


Lala - March 1

You won't have to stop nursing for this problem. Just try to wait it out (I know easier said than done), but it will pa__s. ds is almost 6 weeks old, and sometimes it seems like he's in a new phase with it's own issues with nursing everyday. It all pa__ses! Maybe some articles on La Leche Leagues site can help. It has helped me.


EricaLynn - March 2

Your milk might be coming out to fast for her. I did not have this problem but I have heard of alot of people having it. Try leaning back to nurse her, or laying on your side so gravity gives her a break. Also try pointing your nipple towards the top of her mouth so the let down doesnt spray the back of her throat. I hope this helps some. Also are you using lanolin or another salve on your nipples. I dont think my DD liked the taste of it and would sometimes do what you discribe because my b___b smelled like lanolin and not food. Good luck!


olivia - March 2

I agree with EricaLynn that it sounds like a fast letdown problem. Try the laying on your side (a couch makes it easier when just starting out) and feed her that way. It will all regulate over time but sometimes they are getting so much milk they do exactly what you describe. Try not to pump in these early weeks or you might make the problem worse. Once your supply is more regulated at 6 weeks it will be easier to control and then you can start pumping if you need to have a supply on hand. Also, to slow things down a little only feed on one side per feeding, and the other side for the next feeding. This should tell your body to slow things down a bit for your little one to keep up! Good luck, I've been there and made it b___stfeeding 8 months with my first and almost 3 months so far with my second. You can do it!


DB - March 4

My dd is almost 5 weeks old and there are times she eats awesome and times she messes around too!! Trust me, I considered giving up too (you can probably look back and find my posts!!), but it WILL get better for you. The times she'll feed badly will become fewer and fewer. This morning my dd was messing around and I got very frustrated too, but the next time she ate fine....I have accepted that not every feeding will be perfect!! I am lucky that we went from taking upwards of an hour and half per feeding to only about a half and hour now (even less in the middle of the night)...it will get better...Don't quit, making bottles of any kind is so much more work!!



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