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andraya3 - March 12

Question: Okay...I seriously need some advice because when my baby was born we had NO problems for about 3 months with gas or anything. At 3 months and on both me and my baby have gas CONSTANTLY...it seems that every time I get gas my baby does too...and I am NOT eating any gassy food. I can eat something as simple as a cookie, and then I will have gas and as soon as baby eats from me, he has gas too! It is EXTREMELY frusterating! Does anyone have any help or advice? Is this normal? It doesn't seem normal! Thanks!


kellens mom - March 12

I have no clue. So sorry. I wonder if it could be related to a change in hormones? Just a thought.


Tammy276 - March 13

I agree, it could be a change in your hormones...and if your body is reacting differently in digesting foods, chances are your baby is going to have the same...what bothers you is most likely going to bother baby. sorry I don't have any suggestions for you.


tryingx3 - March 13

I went through a weekend of that...the only thing I could contribute it to was garlic. We had had a lot of Italian food that weekend...pizza, spaghetti, etc...


tryingx3 - March 13

Could be carbs - I think I have read somewhere that carbs can cause gas too? Anyone else heard this?


andraya3 - March 14

Yeah, the only thing I could think of is that it could be a change in horomones too...but I sure wish there was something I could do!! Or I wish my crazy horomones would change back!!!


mamagoose - March 14

You might have a little bit of an imbalance in the natural bacteria that live in your digestive system... when they get off balance (like due to hormonal fluctuations or illness), you can be ga__sy for awhile. Try eating yogurt frequently for a little while to even them out, especially yogurt with Bifidus cultures (I think Activia has this culture in it). Even if the yogurt doesn't help, the calcium and Vitamin D won't hurt! :-)


kellens mom - March 14

Are you eatting any onions? Onions in any form were a killer for both dd and I. Even just a tiny piece would give her major gas. Now she is good with it...me on the other hand...well, let's just say my dh suffers!



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