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Karen S - January 16

Okay I need help....My son is 8 months and almost 3 weeks. Everynight for the past 3 weeks he has woken up in the middle of the night screaming (before he was sleeping through the night fine) so I go in and comfort him but he always wants to eat from me:( He fights and fights it but I always give in:( I know I shouldn't do it but it's the only way he will go back to sleep and me too. I have never had to deal with this before cause he slept though the night fine. What is the best way to get him off of nursing in the middle of the night. PLEASE HELP


tryingx3 - January 16

Can't help - I have always fed on demand. I do try to pacify during the night, but when that does not work, I feed.


olivia - January 16

At that age we introduced her 'blanket'. I let my dd fuss it out, and as per her doctors suggestion we left one thing very steadily in her crib. So it was a small blanket and eventually she took to it and it helped her back to sleep without having to eat. It is seperation anxiety around 8 months that is the usual cause of this, so introducing a crib friend, whatever it may be, can help them find something that will make them secure besides you. You sort of have to be willing to let them cry it out a bit if you go this route, but it worked very well for my dd.


Karen S - January 17

Thanks Olivia I will certainly try that. Does anybody else have any other suggestions?


kellens mom - January 17

I am like tryingx3...nurse on demand. Sorry that I could not be more helpful.


malini - January 18

I feel what you are going through. My toddler is 2 and we had nights like that too. It could be 1.) He is testing the limits, trying to regress. I experienced this a lot. Two steps forward, one step back. My toddler sleeps through the night since he was 5 months, but he has definitely had some setbacks for what seems like no reason at all. I'd make sure he was not getting sick/in pain/etc. If he seemed fine after I'd go in a few nights, I'd let him cry it out--very hard, but worth it. or 2) he could need more calories during the day if he is going through a growth spurt. Try feeding him more during the day, but not at night! Hope it helps



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