I Need To Have A Nights Sleep

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Cath - April 30

My baby is exclusively br___tfed. We are up together around every 1.5 hours every night for the last month. She has also started to wake for longer periods in the night, where she would have slept straight away in the past. Before that she would have had 5-6 hour stretches of sleep. I am returning to work soon and can't do it anymore. I also have other children. She is 6 months old and I have tried both solid food and formula but she will take neither. I have tried different flavours and various bottle teats (shaped like br___t, normal shape, wide varieties, etc). I now feel like I can't get away from it, like I'm stuck in a cycle and I need sleep! I also have to guilt of giving up br___tfeeding, when my husband is trying her with something else, she looks at me as if she doesn't know what is going on. Please help!!


Susan W - April 30

My first child did something similar, but he wasn't sleeping 5-6 hours, just 3-4 and suddenly was waking every hour. Solids never helped us extend the sleeping (if that was true, my kid would have been sleeping 12 hours a night from 7 months on because he was a great eater from the moment we tried solids!). The only way we got through it was to continue to cosleep and for me to learn to sleep through the nursing. It pa__sed, and DS slept longer again, until the next growth spurt or teething or whatever. A few thoughts though . . . could be a separation thing starting (which is normal), teething, growth spurt, just being more active (which can change their sleep patterns), stuff like that. It will pa__s. Hang in there.


olivia - April 30

Make sure you have a fast enough nipple on the bottles you are trying. A 6 month old will take a fast flow even if b___stfed. I found my daughter rejected the bottle when I tried it about that age and it was partly because the nipples I had on were all geared at b___stfed babies with a slow flow nipple. Also, keep trying the food, she will need a while to get used to the idea. Don't force it on her, but try a little twice a day and see if she catches on. And make sure she watches you and your family eating so she understands what is going on a little better. You don't have to completely give up b___stfeeding. At 6 months she'll want a quite place without you around to try the bottle. So see if your husband can try feeding her in a room where they can be alone. At least until she gets used to the idea.


Cath - May 1

Thanks for all your help, I had just been thinking about the bottle teat flow myself. I have her on medium flow teats and was just wondering myself if a faster teat would help, I will try this. Some days when its been tough the night before its hard to be positive. The solid food went down slightly better today, tried taking my time and not rushing to see to my other children at the same time, maybe the quieter environment helps too. Its difficult sometimes to get 5 minutes of quiet! Thanks again


Trac - May 3

I know how you feel! It is so tiriing but I agree with Susan W, try to nurse laying down, it makes it easier to get some rest. It's done wonders for me and my family. Sounds like maybe combination of a growth spurt and maybe you've been apart more getting ready to go back to work? I have noticed my little one wants time to "re-connect" if I am gone for several hours. Once you go back to work, you may notice she wants to nurse even more, just to be close to mommy! We like the Dr Brown's bottles and it's the only one my DS will take when I'm away. Try pumping some milk and putting that in the bottle, it will be an easier transition for her if she's at least getting your milk instead of formula. Good luck! Hang in there!!



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