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Bobbie - February 27

Hello, all mammas! Id like to know If there are any moms who share my situation. I have exclusivly BF my dd she is now 7 months and never really tried a bottle Ive been thinking about weening but dont know what to do Should I \start a bottle only to take it away in 5 months or have anyone heard of puting formula in a sippie so that I can skip the bottle she kind of can use a sippie now but I dont know if she would drink enough out of it instead of a br___t or bottle Any advise I would really like thanks


olivia - February 28

Hi Bobbie, I am sort of in the same boat. Everyone says to try the cup but it just all goes down her front and I end up changing her clothes and cleaning the floor. She mouths sippy cups but doesn't really have the hang yet. I just got the advent sippy cup top to try on a bottle, it seems a little softer, I'll let you know if I have any luck. I think just try stuff and see if anything works. Chances are if you decide to go bottle she might not take it anyway, so don't be afraid to experiment. I had to set the sippy on fast flow because she was just not patient enough to suck it on slow. You might also want to introduce fomula for a week before you take her fully off the b___st. My daughter had a reaction to it when we tried to mix it with her cereal. If your baby has allergies to it you might be encouraged to nurse a little longer. I am a__suming as food is introduced they need less b___stmilk.


bobbie - February 28

Thanks Olivia that helped...so you have heard of formula thru a sippie?


whitney - February 28

I tried introducing a bottle to my son at 4 months, 6 months & again at 7 months & he HATED it. So I am still BF & the original plan was to wean him at 6 months - he's 8 1/2 months now. But I tried a sippue cup last month & he really likes it. I give him water, formula, or pumped milk & he'll drink all three. he doesn't gulp it down like he does at the b___st, but he'll drink a few ounces in between meals.


olivia - February 28

yes, you can use the formula in a sippy cup. today i finally had to just take off the fast/slow flow adjuster to the sippy cup and then it would just drip into her mouth. It seemed like she got some good gulps down that way. let me know how it goes for you. To whitney-- I was on the 6 month only plan too and now we are at 6 months and I know it will be at least 9 before we are done bf. So much for plans! My stubborn daughter also made up her mind about the bottle at about 4 mos.



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