I Smoke And I Want To Breast Feed Can I But I Only Have A Drag Of A Cig Maybe Every Other Day

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heather - August 3

I smoke maybe a drag of a cig a day can i brestfeed


Nikki - July 17

Nicotine will pa__s through your b___st milk to your baby, but of even more concern, your baby will breathe your second-hand smoke. There are many options out there now to help you quit smoking (all of which will pa__s through your b___st milk), but some may be ok to try--at least you won't increase your child's risk of developing cancer due to second-hand smoke. Talk with your doctor.


Loader - August 3

Don't smoke!!! Dip instead (Chew tobacco)


kit - October 12

check out the le lech website;


Mary - October 12

If you can avoid it that's so much better for you and baby, but it's ok to have a few.


B - October 13

Nicotine WILL pa__s through to b___st milk, but it won't stay there. I read that if you want to smoke, then do it right after you b___st feed, or wait a few hours (at least 90 minutes I think) before you have to feed again. I am pumping, but I won't smoke until after.


Duh - October 13

You're smoking while pregnant? Good on you...way to look out for your baby's health.


To Duh - October 13

Where does anyone say that they're smoking while pregnant? This is the b___stfeeding forum. DUH.


Duh - October 14

my mistake, I thought only women who were expecting children were wanting to b___stfeed. Maybe she wants to b___stfeed a pine tree?


You idiot duh - October 14

Tell you what duh! thats about Right for a name for you. instead of giving people grief why dont you try helping them. i smoke and im pregnant but at least im trying to give up. keep opinions like that to yourself they dont help. you IDIOT !!!


me - October 14

i agree i smoked while preggy and my baby was fine. it is really hard to quit but i did cut down alot and to a real lighter brand. to duh-i don't know why ppl don't mind their own business. saying mean things isnt goin to change anything and its everyone's personal choice so mind ur own business. i am also b___stfeeding now and i too smoke after feeding a few hours before feeding again. The docs knew all this and still encouraged me to b___stfeed. But i do hope that if you do smoke you will do it outside so that your baby does not get the second hand smoke.


Duh - October 14

You're right, it is a personal choice. So why are you making that choice for your baby?


oy! c__ky - October 14

Duh is a good name for you! you sad individual! your answers dont help! people need advice not the abuse you give! IDIOT!!!!!


Duh - October 14

And, pray tell, how am I "abusing" anyone? Did I curse? Did I rant? Did I rave? Or did I merely point out that you are making a "personal" choice for your unborn child? What's the matter, got a guilty conscience?


Duh - October 14

Would also like to point out that I'm not the one calling people names. Yet, I'm the one "abusing" people?


mom42 - October 14

I have read that it is better to nurse, even as a smoker, than to not nurse at all. The good stuff in the b___stmilk will help counterbalance all the bad stuff in secondhand smoke and the effects of the nicotine that will come through in your b___stmilk.


Maggie - October 14

I would try very hard to quit smoking...for your health and for your baby's. But, if you are going to, be sure to keep it limited and do it after a feeding/pumping...it should be out of your system then. Ultimately, it would be better for you and the baby if you would just quit--if anything, your precious little one should inspire you to quit.



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