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Rachel - December 7

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rachel and I'm 21 years old. I have a 4 yr old son and a 5 month old daughter. Yes, my son was born when I was 16. But that's beside the point. Anyway, my son was a preemie and never took to the br___t. I pumped and fed him expressed br___t milk for his first 5 months. With my daughter, she has been exclusively fed from the br___t. It has been hard, but we are doing fantastic now. I love br___tfeeding and my goal is to help other women with it. I've had so many women tell, "Oh, that's great that you are able to br___tfeed but I wasn't able to because of..." There's always some reason. Thing is... most of the time, these issues CAN be overcome and you can continue to br___tfeed. The only problem is that there's just not enough information, experience, and education out there. I want to help anybody that has any questions, worries, or doubts about bfing. Please feel free to email me. It is [email protected] Don't think that I'm some kind of weirdo. It's just that bfing has been such an amazing experience for me and I know it can be amazing for others if they just had someone to lend advice. Anyway... I'm here for anyone that has questions.


to rachel - December 8

that is really cool of you. I'm one of those "I couldn't b___stfeed because of....." women. my issue was inverted nipples and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt my issues were due to lack of information. and still are. I'd like to b___stfeed with the one I'm carrying now, but I'm still not finding anymore info about inverted nipples than I did 5 years ago with my first. other than, "yes you can do it...just use b___st shields." which I tried.


Ranya - December 11

Hi Rachel, that's very sweet of you :) My main concern is that I never know if I have enough milk! I'm very insecure about my supply. What's the best way to keep the milk coming and increasing one's supply? Thanks in advance :)


Dawn - December 11

Ranya and "inverted nipples" (sorry that sounds so bad) ---You should both find a La Leche League group. La Leche League leaders are trained and have the support of an international organization. It's free, and most groups meet once a month. They have handouts on inverted nipples and can help you to overcome the obsticals so you can b___stfeed seccessfully. The leaders are also available to help you on the phone between meetings. You will be so glad you went to the meetings. You will meet other women with the same situations you have, and everyone is so nice and supportive.


Olivene - December 11

I want to b___stfeed. I have a long time yet- Baby is due in August. What can I do now- what to read, etc- to prepare?



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