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BaByHavinAbABy - June 15

Im only 18 weeks pregnant but everyone keeps asking me if im going to br___t feed...well my answer is "im not sure yet"....the cause...inverted nipples...i dont even know if it would be comfortable!! Even before i was pregnant they would hurt that my br___ts are growing..they're sensitive! But my question is....can i even br___tfeed normal? will they eventually come out?


olivia - June 15

Mine did, I had no problem b___stfeeding with inverts. Though mine do come out temporarily if pinched. Hormones during pregnancy help them come along, then the power of baby sucking does the rest. Some women have to use shells but I really had no problems. So don't rule out b___stfeeding! Mine also hurt on and off before pregnancy, but to tell you the truth, b___stfeeding has solved a lot of problems for my nipples. When people asked me if I was going to b___stfeed my response was always "I am going to try". Well I tried and it worked out --so you should try too! Good luck to you. Other women here might be able to tell you more about shells which can help if your you have trouble.


Jamie - June 16

I had inverted nipples, too. I used a nipple shield for the first 2 months, and that drew my nipples out to the point that they are no longer inverted. Go to a La Leche League meeting in your area, and talk to some of the moms there about it.


Susan W - June 18

I had an inverted nipple on one side. I had to use a nipple shield at first, but I was able to wean the baby from that by 3 months. So you have options. I'd second the recommendation to go to an LLL meeting and check it out. The sensitivity is related to hormones. It does go away. Nursing sure isn't easy, but it is well worth it!! .. BTW, my nipples are now normal -- the adhesions holding the nipples in are broken down by nursing and they are just fine -- and I'm planning to nurse the next baby without a shield.



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