Is An Electric Pump Really That Much Faster

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JessC531 - October 27

I'm a sahm (well, I tutor 3 afternoons a week, but only for a few hours), so I only pump once a day, 3-4 days a week. I just need bottles for when I'm tutoring or if I need to go out for some reason. Right now I'm using a manual pump - the Medela Harmony - and it works fine. A lactation consultant actually recommended it to me. It takes me a while to get enough milk though. DD usually takes about 4 ounces, and the fastest I can get it is maybe 20 minutes. If I'm stressed or feeling rushed, it can take as long as an hour. Some days I just give up and try again the next day. I'm wondering if an electric pump is a lot faster... How long does it take you to pump and how much can you get? Should I invest in another pump? Thanks in advance for your advice.


jen327 - October 27

For me yes! I can get 12 oz out of my pump, electric, in about 15 mins. My son is 13 weeks old so he is eating about 6 oz at one time, he eats one side at a time.


DB - October 28

Yes, 10-15 minutes was the max for me all the time...when I had a good milk supply I could get up to 10-12 oz too at one time :)


Val - October 28

Hi Jess - when I pump every 2 hours, I get about 5 oz total (which is how much my ds eats from his bottle) in about 5-7 minutes. If I go longer (like all night), I'll get 9-12 oz in about 10 minutes. Like you, I only work about 3 partial days a week, but I find the electric pump (I have a Medela) really useful when I want to pump quickly! I often only have 15 minutes to unpack my pump, pump, and then wash up, so it's very helpful for me.


excited2bemama - October 28

I am a SAHM too. I only pump in the middle of the night ( we are weaning dd of the middle of the night feeding) or if I am going out and need a bottle for DH. I have a Medela pump in style and I love it. In the middle of the night when I am practially dripping with milk I can get about 4 oz from each b___st in about 10 min. During the day I don't get as much- maybe 2-3 oz in about 10 min. Its pretty fast.. I love my pump . :o)


lily10 - October 29

I also have a PIS because I work 40 hours a week and it is my savior. I am able to pump about 9-11 oz in about 10-15 minutes. Of course this is using the PIS double electric and that is my first pumping session of the day, my second I usually get around 6oz in 10mins.


slackette - October 29

I find my electric pump (the ameda/lansinoh) works about twice as well and fast as my manual pump. I had to bring a manual pump to use at a wedding this weekend and I just about died in the public restroom for 15 minutes trying to get about 4 oz. I can get about 10 oz in 10 minutes with my electric pump. I love the ameda/lansinoh that I have, but if you wanted to spend less on one, I hear the new playtex embrace is getting good reviews and is under $100. Its actually on sale at target this week for $89. GL!



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