Is Anyone Else Breast Feeding Twins

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Carly XxX - September 27

hi. i have a 2 and a half year old daughter and 2 month old identical twin girls and am bf the twins. is anyone else in the same boat? would be good to chat x


susan1975 - January 2

Carly, I am pregnant with twins. When I thought I was carrying just one baby, my plan was to b___stfeed and pump, so that my husband can feed the baby too. May I ask how you have found b___stfeeding twins? Would you have any advice? Thanks!


Carly XxX - January 3

i love it! they are 6 months old now and we are still going strong. i really would recommend it. the health benefits to you and your babies are amazing. i pump in the evenings and when im at work (i work weekends) so have built up a large supply in the freezer for my partner to give them while im at work. its difficult in the beginning but then it always is when b___stfeeding. i would recommend doing lots of research beforehand. for example, a lot of women give up in the early stages thinking they dont have enough milk because their babies are always hungry but this is usually cluster feeding or comfort sucking and is totally normal. we have our off days when they latch badly or they are fussy but usually its fine. it takes just as long to feed them a bottle as it does to bf them. it also saves time as you dont have to sterilise everything. feel free to ask me any more questions!


susan1975 - January 7

Thanks Carla. Have you had any issues transitioning them back and forth from the b___st to the bottle? It is nice to know that you are doing it while working too. I am hoping to work three days a week and am concerned about them going to bottles for the majority of those days. My husband will be watching them and I don't want to make it harder then it has to be!


Carly XxX - January 7

hi again. we have been very lucky and there has been no confusion between the b___st and bottles. i went back to work when they were 3 months old. im not keen on expressing at work but its not a big deal really. im going to start weaning them within the next week or so (we are doing baby led weaning) and im hoping they still feed enough to keep my supply up



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