Is It Bad To Express Colostrum Before Birth Please Help

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Wondering - June 25

Just wondering, I have implants and really want to br___t feed. I dont know if it is benefitial for me to express the colostrum to keep things working for when our little one is here, or if its bad? I am 33 weeks and am not "leeking" but you can definitally squeese some out. Which I am hoping that its a good sign.


michelle - June 25

I don't think it really matters if you express colostrum or not. You body will make more. But why would you want to?


K - June 25

I would DEFINITELY NOT express colostrum. Your baby's suck is much stronger than a pump and needs all he/she can get to get the digestive system working. I would say that if your baby doesn't latch on in the first 12-24 hours, then you can express what you can get, so that it doesn't go to waste, but please don't pump it now, as you would need to freeze and thaw it anyway and that alone makes it less beneficial.....


Kaz - June 26

As far as I know your body will produce what your bub needs when he needs it. You should have enough colostrum when he arrives whether or not you express it now.


kc - June 30

I heard if you express colostrum too frequently I could put you into early labor?


Sara - July 7

I am 38 weeks pregnant and was told that nipple stimulation from a b___stpump helps bnring on labour. a tiny bit of sticky liquid came out of both b___sts is that colostrum. should i not use the b___st pump any more


Kaz - July 7

Yeh Sara that's colostrum. I forgot that nipple stimulation might bring on labour when I put in my last post. Oxytoxin is the hormone that kicks off contractions, this same hormone is what is released with nipple stimulation and orgasms. Probably safe to park the pump for now.


kc - July 12

sara- since you are 38 weeks. I would not worry. You are in the okay to deliver time. Expressing colostrom can stimulate milk production sooner after the baby is born. So I would not worry if you are further than 37 weeks along.


Chris - July 12

expressing colostrum is a bad thing -- you need to leave it there for the baby -- if you start expressing your body MAY start producing milk -- then your baby misses out on the important colostrum -- PLUS it can make you go into labor from making your uterus contract



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