Is It Ok To Exercise While Breastfeeding

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stefkay - October 19

I'm just wondering this. I HAVE to get back into shape and my daughter is now almost 15 weeks old. I started exercising again 3-4 days ago. I am doing nothing strenuous, just fast walking on the treadmill and some light weights. I do break a sweat though as I'm SO out of shape now. I hadn't gotten on a treadmill in over a year when I started last week. Also, my daughter who was sleeping through the night started waking almost every hour in the night starting about 3 nights ago. The only thing that has changed with either of us is my exercising....could this do something to my br___tmilk that might make her do this? I have no idea...I'm at my wit's end, tired and searching for an explanation. She doesn't look to be teething and doesn't wake crying as much as she just wakes and makes noises and then if I don't get her right away she starts to cry. Nursing her puts her back to sleep in minutes (so I know it's not a real hunger thing) and we just do that every 30 minutes to 2 hours. AGH! I give her gas drops and everything so I have no idea what is going. Sorry for the rant...any info or ideas is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


E586467 - October 20

Exercise won't affect your b___stmilk unless you aren't drinking enough water to make up for what you lose by sweating. She might be going through a growth spurt & is trying to make you make more milk by feeding so often. Other than that does she have a dummy? It also could be comfort sucking & all I can say is that you are lucky she's been sleeping through at such a young age, both my dd & ds didn't do that until about 7mths & would wake up 3-4hourly to feed. My son was shocking for comfort sucking & I did find a dummy helped keep him asleep longer between feeds, & you won't need to worry about nipple confusion because by 15wks b___stfeeding is already well established. Hope this helps.


Whitney - October 20

I just asked my Dr. the same question a few weeks ago ...if exercising is OK, & he said it's fine as long as you continue to eat allot if your nursing because it could affect your milk supply. I used to weigh 120 before I had my daughter, she's 3 months now & I weigh 135 & I told him I want to start running again to lose that 15 pounds ( I also haven't ran in about a year) & he said it's OK to lose 5 more pounds but it's important to try to stay 5 to 10 pounds more then pre pregnancy weight if your nursing as it can weaken your supply. He also said when I start running again I should also eat more, like have an extra apple, granola bar or yougurt - something healthy. Have you lost allot of weight lately or eating less? Maybe this could be why.


sarah21 - October 22

Well my daughter does the same thing and it had no correlation to when I resumed exercising and she is 6 months old and still at it. For the most part it's just something babies do.


stefkay - October 25

Thanks for your replies! I found she stopped the waking all night after a few nights and we do suspect some teething issues possibly the very early stages. I drink lots of water and also am snacking on healthy stuff and eating much better now. For her first 3 months I was eating anything in sight but not gaining really because my thyroid was overactive. I'm on meds now and was worried about gaining weight so it forced me to get healthy again like I used to be pre pregnancy. WHITNEY, you sound just like me...I was about 120 pre pregnancy and am now at 138. I was 167 when I went into the hospital to have her and lost about 20 immediately. The rest just kind of stuck around until I started eating better recently and I'm walking fast on a treadmill 30 mins. a day and doing some leg and arm toning. I've lost about 3-5 lbs in the past 2 weeks, so it's working :) Its good to know not to lose too much or the supply will go down though. I'd never heard that. In fact my supply seems to be up, but I think that is because I'm pumping once or twice a day to help it along?



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