Is It Time Yet For SOLIDS Opinions Please

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Jenn... Mommy 2 Blake - October 7

Blake is 4 months old. His pediatrician said I should start him to "practice" so that he learns how to eat from a spoon and he will already know what he is doing at 6 months. He said at 6 months he HAS to be on solids. I thought br___tmilk was sufficent and was not planning on even beginning to start until 6 months. Even then I thought it would be okay if he rejected it for a while. I go to a br___tfeeding mom group once a week and the lactation consultant that is runs it has told other moms that starting solids too soon can lead to early weaning and the baby rejecting the br___t. When did you start your baby on solids? Please share stories, opinions, advice. Thanks!!


anne - October 7

i didn't know about the earlyweaning, but i do know that babies can safely go without solids all the way through their 9th month. with just b___stmilk. so saying he HAS to be on solids is kinda weird. the practice is best however until he can get the hang of it.


hmm - October 7

I'm planning to give my son b___stmilk only til he is 6 mths old. My son's pediatrician told me to give him b___stmilk exclusively for the first 6 months, because the baby's digestive system will be more mature and he will be in lesser chance to have allergy. Also I' ve read from some article that baby who's been b___stfed for 6 mths is healthier and don't get ear infection and diarrhea as often as those who is not. But I think it's a personal choice and every baby is different if u think yr baby is ready then go ahead.


C - October 8

My son was 7 months old when I started him on cereal. He had it once a day around supper time.


Maleficent - October 8

at 6 months there is a drop in the ammount of iorn pa__sed in the b___st milk. alot of doctors and LC's recomend starting solids at that time to keep up with iron levels but certainly you can use a supplement over solids if you choose to. at 4 months, there is nothing he will get from solids that he cant get from b___stmilk. he doesn't need "practice", he will develop those skills when he's ready. things to look for as far as readiness...hand to mouth co-ordination. baby can sit alone for a longer period of time and can support their own head. baby can move food from the front of the mouth to the back of the mouth. (if baby is spitting out just as much as you put in then baby is not ready.) babies can go up to 12 months on b___stmilk alone. foods should not take the place of bresatfeeding sessions. it ADDS to what your baby is already eating, not subtracts/subsitutes for it.


Jenn... - October 8

Thanks for the advice ladies. I did decide to offer him cereal, because it seems like developmentaly he is ready for it. I will stick to only cereal for at least a month, because I can mix it with b___stmilk and I don't want him to miss out on those nutients. He really seemed to enjoy the cereal, so I am happy I gave it to him.



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