Is It Too Late To Breastfeed

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shantel - January 30

How long do you have after giving birth to switch to brestfeeding from bottle milk is it safe? Is three weeks too late? How long does it take your milk to dry up? Thank you.


EricaG - January 30

I'm not sure how long it takes for your milk to dry up but as long as you are producing milk then it is possible to switch from bottle to b___st at three weeks. I know because I did it. I b___stfed the first 2 days after my baby was born. She had a bad latch so I stopped. Then I had a bunch of complications and I was in the hospital on a bunch of pain medication for the first 3 weeks of my baby's life. Even though my baby couldn't drink my expressed milk because of all the meds I pumped and dumped to keep a supply. By the time I had gotten out of the hospital my supply was really low from not pumping frequently enough, eating barely anything, stress, etc. When my baby was about 3.5 weeks old I put her to the b___st and she took to it right away. Even though she was mainly formula fed I put her to the b___st many times a day to stimulate production, I also took fenugreek pills to build up my supply. I took a couple of months but eventually I got to the point where she was exlusively b___stfed. I esclusively b___stfed her until 1.5 weeks ago when she turned 6 months. Now I've started giving her some solids (rice cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes) but she doesn't drink any formula. I hope everything goes well for you. 3 weeks was not too late for me, I hope it's not for you either.


Tammy276 - January 30

have you been b___stfeeding at all? Pumping??? Or have you been using formula? If you have been pumping and feeding then, yeah, as long as you are producing milk you can b___stfeed. If you haven't been pumping at all, then it is hard to say. I mean it may be possible, but I'm really not sure because you haven't been telling your body to produce milk.


Perl - February 2

I'm no expert but I don't think it's too late but you may have to supplement with formula until you get your milk supply up which could be a process. Go for it! Also, I think there's meds you might be able to take to increase your milk supply. Try taking Fenugreek capsules (unless you're diabetic).



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