Is My Hair Supposed To Be Falling Out

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P - July 2

I'm br___tfeeding my daughter, who's almost four months. About a week ago my hair started to fall out by the hand full. It's crazy how much hair I'm losing. Lucky for me I have tonnes of it or I'd be bald pretty quickly. Has this happened to anyone else? Does it grow back?


KH - July 2

it grows back. It is hormonal. It happened to me around 3 months and lasted a month - it is completely normal (and completely frustrating!)


desiree - July 2

yup, my hair is also falling out right now, too!! My son is almost 4 months. Thank God I have lots to lose before I go bald. I think I'll go to the salon!!!!!!


Melissa - July 2

Oh my gosh, thank you for posting this! My hair is falling out too and my son is 4 months in 3 weeks. I lose hair anytime I just run my fingers through it, and especially when I take a shower and comb through it. I have been really worried since this did not happen with my other two children. I hope it stops soon, I am getting worried I'll have to buy a wig soon!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 3

Hi, Yes it is completely normal. Once your body starts to heal itself, you can get pp alopecia. It will go away with a little time. Its kinda like male pattern baldness. Just something that could be inherited. You should look into possibly getting some shampoo called Nioxin. It is not medicated, but it helps stimulate hair growth. Anyone can use it. It is awesome!


Kaz - July 4

This hasn't happened to me yet but I've heard of this. Apparently during pregnancy your hair stops falling out (you know how we're supposed to lose so much a day usually). After pregnancy all the hair that would have fallen out normally decide to drop out then. Some people freak out because it seems so much. I thought it'd happen sooner than 4 months, though it hasn't happened here yet but I'm only 1 month after.


P - July 4

Thanks for taking the time to rely ladies. It seems to have slowed down now. I think the threat of baldness has abated. Thank God. Now I gotta go clean my drains...yuck.


this sucks! - July 8

aghhhh me too! i pull out clumps of hair every time i wash my hair. when i take my hair tie out it is unrecognizable. it is an enormous hair ball!


kc - July 9

This is normal. But keep taking your prenatal vitamines. The do help with the regrowing of your hair when your hormones balance out again.


naomi - July 18

I read that this happens after pregnancy since your hair apparently does not fall out in normal amounts while pregnant; if it's what I read about it's not related to b___stfeeding.


april - August 2

i would've thought something was wrong with me had i not read that your hair falls out. i lost a TON of hair. it is annoying though because when my hair grew back in i developed little spikey hairs until they got longer.... i went through two or three phases of that. it all eventually came back in though.



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