Is My Milk Drying Up What Can I Do

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Missy - October 25

My daughter is 3 weeks old. I have been exclusively br___tfeeding her since birth. I have been pumping for the last week and a half. Usually I can get about 4 oz between both br___ts (after feeding her) and today I tried and tried and only got 2 oz. What's going on - am I drying up? What can I do to bring my milk supply back up? Any suggestions would be fantastic!!


jena - October 26

are you eating enough? if you aren't then your body will stop producing milk to make up for it. your daughter may also be eating more so that makes it so that you get less after you feed her. i'd try eating a little bit more though (i know, not what you want to do 3 weeks pp)!


April - October 27

jena is right. Also make sure you are drinking enough water. Try to have a 8oz gla__s of water every time you nurse.


Missy - October 27

I didn't pump yesterday for fear of not producing enough for her to eat. Today i pumped and got 3 oz. i am eating 3 meals a day and a snack in the evening, i drink water throughout the day. Any one know how to boost milk supply?


Beccah - October 27

Try asking your doctor for a Rx for something that will up your supply. I know there's something out there that increases bm production!


Jamie - October 28

Try blessed thistle or fenugreek...both are herbal supplements available without a prescription.


Hi Missy - October 29

Nurse as often and as long as possible. That was the very best advice I got. Keep pumping if you like.


April - October 29

Avoid artificial nipples. Let your baby suck for as long as she wants on you. The sucking stimulates milk production.


leslie - November 1

Hey Missy! I don't know if this is the same Missy I know..well today i went to the pediatrician and we were just talking about this. He said that after the first month many mothers forget that they are supposed to drink a lot of fluids and that this slows down the milk supply.. also he told me to after nursing the baby to pump until my b___sts are empty...that way the body will know to make more..I hope this helps... :)



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