Is My Milk Supply Drying Up

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karine - May 18

My daughter is 1weeks.5days old. Eversince she was 5days old, i have been pumping 2-3ounces from both br___t, every 2-3hrs. (i pump milk, and only br___tfeed once to twice/day). Last night i was only able to pump 1ounces, then at 2am only 2ounce, and this morning too. Whats going on? is this normal, or does it mean that my milk supply is drying up?


Karen S - May 18

I heard if you pump more than you nurse that can cause your milk supply to slow down. Im no expert but thats what I heard. Good Luck


Susan W - May 18

Nurse, nurse, nurse. That is much better at stimulating your supply than pumping. Get in bed, drink fluids, have someone bring you food and drink and change the baby and nurse on demand. Do not supplement with a bottle or you defeat the purpose of trying to restimulate your supply. Contact a lactation consultant and/or your local La Leche League as well for other ideas on how to best increase your supply, particularly if you were planning to pump exclusively.


collint3 - May 18

it could be, one way to make more milk is to ma__sage your b___st. The less you b___st feed the sooner your milk will dry up


lexa - May 20

Keep at it Karine! It will work out. Make sure to drink tons of water! Also, what type of b___stpump are you using? Some b___stpumps work better than others and will also help your milk supply to build up stronger. It could be the b___stpump. There are plenty of people who pump but don't b___stfeed. If you can b___stfeed more, do that. I know pumping also lets other family members in on feeding. Some hospitals will rent out the hospital grade b___stpumps (which I hear work wonders). Good luck and hope this helps.


karine - May 22

thanks lexa!...i went and baught a new b___st pump...and its working much better now. i can actually get one feeding's worth every 2hrs. i already was able to freeze alot. i only had a gerber electric pump (single), so maybe thats what was wrong. i baught a it ever better!


karine - May 22

oh yeah...and the reason why i pump instead of b___stfeeding, is cause 1st- i only have a couple days left to my maternity leave (i have a home daycare) and it would be impossible to feed on demand with my 3 kids plus the 2-5 that i babysite. 2- cause of the daycare i need all the sleep i can get...this way my hubby can also wake up and feed the baby for me to sleep. 3- my milk flow is very strong, and baby chokes, and falls asleep at the b___st...and she will only latch on i only b___stfeed her in the early morning and late evenings....but eventhough i feel like a slave to the pump LOL..iam still proud as iam providing her the best their is.


Susan W - May 22

I would definitely contact an LC or LLL since you need to pump for help increasing your supply . . .. But I also babysit, and I found nursing on demand easier than fooling with bottles. I stuck my baby in a sling and nursed there. I have a huge overactive letdown, and eventually it did turn into a total bonus -- I could feed my baby in about 5 minutes :) Meanwhile, there are lots of ways to deal with it. . . But different strokes for different folks. It just matters you are providing b___stmilk for your baby.



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