Is She Weaning Herself

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Jamie - May 5

When my daughter started on solids at 6 months, she cut back her nursing to 4 times a day. I introduced a morning and afternoon snack at 7.5 months, but she kept nursing 4 times a day. Now she is 9 months, and has nursed twice in the last three days. I offer, and she's not interested. She usually nurses to sleep for both bedtime and naps, but the last 3 days, she's just laid in my lap, and fallen asleep without nursing. She is on table food, 3 times a day, and I make sure that it's healthy and balanced, but I guess I assumed that she would still want to nurse? She doesn't get formula or br___t milk in any other fashion, only a few ounces of water with meals. She is teething, so could that be the reason she doesn't want to nurse?


Susan W - May 5

Oh wow. Could be teething. I've heard some babies want to nurse less when they are teething. That wasn't the case for us, but I've heard that. Have you gotten your cycle back? I've also heard of some babies suddenly doing something like this around ovulation or AF and then resuming normal nursing patterns between times. My mom says I weaned myself at 9 months. I was mobile and just too busy to nurse. She left cups of water or diluted juice where I could get them if I was thirsty. I'd keep offering, but she might be done. I know the advice is to nurse for a year, but it's not like you can force her :) Are you OK if she has decided to wean herself?? I know I would have been really disappointed.


karlynn17 - May 5

Jamie, the same thing is happening to me - exactly! His dr. said he has heard of many babies becoming less interested in b/f at 9 months. Friends of mine have said the same thing. My son will only nurse when he wakes up from naps or in the a.m. He will NOT nurse to go to sleep anymore which is prob. better in the long run. I know how frustrated you are feeling. Could you pump 1-2 times a day to keep your supply up?


Heather F - May 15

Can you offer the b/f in a sippy cup?



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