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christi62504 - February 13

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in September. I really want to br___tfeed if possible because of the obvious benefits. The problem is, I feel very strange about the whole event. I'm having a difficult time with the whole "baby on the other end" of my br___t, and feel almost embarassed about it. If anybody else went through this, please let me know how you overcame it. I really feel like there's something wrong with me.


kellens mom - February 13

If there is something wrong with you, then there is something wrong with me too. I can honestly say that I have never been truly comfortable with my body...or the idea of sharing it with a little person. Just so you know, the "bonding" is usually not instant either. I set a goal for myself to give my dd colostrum for the first week of life because I knew that it would provide her with some very important health benefits. For us it was terribly ackward because neither one of us came by it naturally. At the end of our week, I mentally agreed to try one more week...and then one more week. This continued through the first 8 weeks which were rough for us and then things magically became easier and not ackward. At this point, everything is unknown to you. In order to give this fair consideration for you and the baby, I would suggest that you enroll in a b___st feeding cla__s at your hospital. They are typically free or have very minimal fee. I think ours was $15 which covered the cost of a nursing book and other materials. Buy a nursing book AND read it. Education is critical to good decision making. My only other piece of advice is to plan to try it. It is not like signing a binding contract...where once you start you have to stay committed. You can quit at anytime. Even a week is better for baby then strictly formula feeding. Be prepared for a little frustration, but also don't set yourself up for failure by not letting a nurse know that you are having difficulty. They are professionals that want you and your baby to succeed at nursing for as long as you are willing to try. Take advantage of their experience and knowledge while you are in the hospital. Making decisions based on speculation is not practical. Educate yourself and be open-minded and adaptable...then make the right decision for you and your new family member. If you do that, you will feel no guilt if you are still not comfortable. I hope that helps.


K - February 14

There is nothing wrong with you. I felt the exact same way. I was a little grossed out by the whole thing. I told myself I would try my best to do it for three months because it was best for the baby. That all changed once the baby was born. It can be hard at first, but once you get past the start up period, it is the most wonderful thing. There is nothing like having that sweet little baby cuddled up with you. My baby turns one this week. We have made it through the full recommended year of b___stfeeding and I am going to be really sad when it is over. Just give it a try and see how you feel. Kellens mom is right, if you decide it is not for you, you can always quit. If you are freaked out about nursing in public, remember you don't have to do that either. I never did. When we were out, I either used pumped milk in bottles, or supplemented with formula. They have individual packets of powder formula you can put in a diaper bag, and we would talk a baby bottle of water and just add the formula when she was hungry.


kerryv - February 18

i feel the same way, i am due in a few weeks and still dont know what i am going to do. i will give it a try but i am not comfortable with the whole idea at all. i like the idea much more of just using expressed milk which is probably what i will end up doing. i know so many people say 'that is what they are there for' or 'it is such a beautiful thing' well i dont agree and maybe that makes me very odd...oh well. like i said, i will give it a try and go from there.


spamanda - February 18

You might be surprised at how non-s_xual nursing seems when you're actually doing it. I know it sounds funny right now at the end of your pregnancy, especially with raging hormones and all, but I have found it is decidedly not s_xual at all. I'm sure this is different for all women, but I would definitely give it a try if you can.... even a few weeks can be so beneficial. There's nothing wrong with you, even if you don't do it, you are still doing what's best for you and your baby. Now that ds is 5 mos, I really enjoy it and it's so easy, especially at night. Good luck though, I hope you do try it!


SuzieQ - February 24

For me, b___stfeeding is wonderful. My dd is almost 5 months old, and when she's eating, she looks up at me and gives me this great grin that is just wonderful. I am not against bottle feeding, and wasn't sure if I would b___stfeed or not when I was pregnant. Like all the other women have said, give it a shot. If you don't like it, then don't do it. It's a bit weird having a kid hangin off your b___b, but seeing how relaxed my dd gets as soon as she latches makes me feel like I'm doing something right. However, with bottle feeding, other people can enjoy the closeness with your baby too ") Good luck with your decision!


EricaLynn - February 24

I would agree with everyone and try it. I also agree though that I was and am uncomfortable nursing in public. Im fine at friends houses and our house, but not out and about, Im not one to whip out my t_t. When we are out and about though I bring a bottle or so of pumped milk, that way there is no worry of being uncomfortable or having a screaming hungry baby. I didnt think it would be weird for me, but at first it was. It was kind of like, who is this little stranger making my nipples hurt soooo bad. The first few weeks are definitely the hardest, but if you get over the hump it does get better! DD is almost 8 weeks and I am soooo glad I stuck with it. Make sure you have support and dont feel bad if you decide its not right for you. I totally think having a sane mother is more important, and if bottle feeding is what works for you, then it is! Good luck!



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