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Jessica - January 27

I'm 7 mo. pregnant and I'm trying to figure out what I should do about br___tfeeding. I know it's the absolute best for the baby, but I'm very anxious about doing it. Is there anything wrong with pumping from the beginning? I don't know if my problem is just in my head but I can't find any info out there relating to my situation. Has anyone else felt some similar feelings?


Moe - January 27

You cannot give a Newborn a bottle then the b___st. They have to either have the b___st first if your going to b___st feed or the bottle cause they will get confused and they suck completely different w/ bottle and b___st, after they are 6 weeks you can start switching them around and I never knew this until my lactation nurse told me this. I know you said you would like to pump from the beginning but I think it's just a ha__sle and you will get tired of pupming. I have been b___st feeding for almost 5 mo and I pump at work and b___stfeed him when I am w/him and let me tell you that it's alot easier b___stfeeding then having to get up and fix a bottle especially in the middle of the night!When I pump at work it starts to get old and I can only imagine pumping 24/7!! From my experience I think you will be better off b___stfeeding from the b___st instead of pumping and b___stfeeding is great bonding time and so much easier!! good-luck and I wouldn't pump if I didn't have to, just a ha__sle!!


Maureen - January 27

I b___st fed and bottle fed and my baby and didn't have a problem doing it. I think each baby is different and has his/her own personality from the beggining is different as well. I'd see how you feel when the baby is born, you can always try b___stfeeding and if it dosn't work, try pumping or formula. I think it's not a big problem unless you make it a problem. I was very relaxed about it, perhaps that's why I was okay. But everybody is different and every situation is different as well. My advice to you is, play it by ear. When I was pregnant I was more anxious about having a healthy baby. After my baby was born, I was so relieved, everything just fell into place.


Tracey - January 28

I'm kind of in the same situation you are Jessica. I'm planning on pumping from the beginning as well, only because I'm planning on supplementing b___stmilk with formula. I'm going back to work pretty quickly and won't really be able to pump at work so this is the best option for me.


Nikki - January 28

Both Moe and Maureen are correct, even though they are on opposite ends of the question. You CAN do it, but your milk supply may not last long through pumping. Even the best, most expensive b___st pumps do not feel like a babies' mouth. And if you've never felt your babies mouth, you, of course, would not know this. However, your body/brain does know this. There is a satisfaction, pride, and contentedness that comes with your body providing your baby's nourishment even after pregnancy. It is possible to pump from the beginning, could be rewarding (due to the outstanding health benefits), but it will be very time consuming, possibly frustrating, and you will miss out on the bonding experience that comes with b___stfeeding, which at the end of the hard/learning/beggining times is the reward. If you feel comfortable, give it a try. It really is the best for the baby and for you, but if you are not comfortable with it, don't feel guilty. You are doing the best for your baby by doing what you know you are comfortable with.


Jess - February 28

I have the same question. I couldn't b___stfeed my son it was too difficult and heartbreaking (i had trouble and pain). He was formula fed and is healthy and fine. I enjoyed the formula feeding because everyone in our family could take part. My husband helped get up in the middle of the night and everything. My son is very healthy. This time I was thinking that if I pumped from the beginning it could be the same way and everyone could take part in feeding the baby. I also don't want to be sitting around all day trying to b___stfeed while my 2 year old goes unattended.


Michelle - April 8

I had problems with my baby latching on so I exclusively pumped for 7 months. It's a lot of work because you have to do double the work. First pump then feed. In the beginning months that's all you are doing. You won't have any more time to do anything else. I even set my alarm in the middle of the night 2 am, 4 am to pump and in between feed the baby. So, as you can see you won't get any sleep. It's so important for your baby to get b___stmilk so if you have the time, it's okay to only pump and not have your baby nurse directly from the b___st. Good luck!


Marguerite - April 17

I have a nine month old.... I would love to be directly b___stfeeding...I pump then feed him...which is double time... so I didn't get much sleep..I'm just know starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel... I am anchor to the house.... I thank Michelle for her share it really helped to know someone knows how it feels etc. Yes, it is nice that my husband can and does help me....sometimes he feeds while I pump



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