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Renee-Marie - June 19

I am returning to work in August. I already told my manager that I would be pumping while I'm at work and that I wanted to know where I could do that. She said (in an "Of course" manner) that I should pump in the ladies room downstairs. First of all, I work in a company that is 98% men, so there aren't many women using this bathroom - HOWEVER - I'm a lt_tle grossed out to be preparing my babys meals in a room meant for ..... well the opposite of that. Is anyone else pumping in a bathroom? I'm totally upset about this but dont have other options. Please send me your comments/ suggestions. Thank you.


tlew - June 19

Hey Renee. What about the nurses office. We have a nurse in our building and that is where I would be going to pump. Maybe you can contact HR, and they may have a better option for you. But the bathroom does seem a little strange. Good luck, let me know how everything goes.


HannahBaby - June 19

i worked in a hospital on a maternity floor and our nurse who was pumping would go in the bathroom if all of the rooms were full. She said as long as nothing touched anything (she would lay down towels on anything that would be touched) then it wasnt a big deal. Good luck.


cab - June 20

This is not even close to being acceptable. I would talk to her directly and tell her so. tiew had some good suggustions. Can you have the baby come to you at work for meal times? Tell you manager that if no other suitable option is decided on that is what you will do. Let her try to give you a hard time with it. Everything is pro b___stfeeding now for 1 year and beyond.


Renee-Marie - June 20

TLEW - We don't have a nurses office. I don't work in a hospital. I work for a medical manufacturing company - but it is in no way shape or form even close to a hospital. We do have an extra HR office upstairs, but it's so close to all the workstations, I'd be embara__sed to have the men (the three that are up there) hear the pump. Is that childish of me? Ugh.....


olivia - June 20

I somehow thought there was a law that a room had to be created for a pumping mom that was 1)private 2) did not have a toilet. I have no idea how to confirm that is a law but I swear I heard it somewhere (in the US).


Ginny - June 20

Some states have laws, but not all. I am in a very similar situation, but it has worked out great. I am the only female employee where I work, in an auto service center, and our bathroom is tiny, but has a desk and chair in one corner (I have never figured out why). I use Lysol wipes to wipe it down, and then the sink is handy to rinse my parts. I could use my boss's office, the only other private room, but then I would have to ask him to step out, and then carry all my milky parts out to rinse in the bathroom anyway. And since I am basically the only one who uses the bathroom, I know how clean it is.


tlew - June 20

Renee since there arent any other options. you gotta do whatcha ya gotta do. You son has to eat. I would consider speaking with the other ladies that you work with (if its not too many of them) and ask if you can pump in the bathroom w/o them using the restroom. I know that may be a lot to ask but for sanitary reasons Im sure they will understand. and make sure that you pack disinfectants. Im sure you arent the 1st mother to pump in a restroom and you wont be the last. good luck



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