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rr6436 - September 26

I am due in March and I have decided that I want to try and br___tfeed. The thing is my friend keeps telling me I am crazy that br___tfeeding will RUIN my br___ts. That both of her sisters br___tfed and now their nipples are really long. Does this always happen? I already have very large br___ts and so large but not long nipples so now I'm scared.


MNMOM - September 26

I can only speak from my personal experience...I had large b___sts before b___stfeeding my son (d cup) and after wards they lost some ma__s and went to a C cup...my nipples didn't change however. I was disappointed in that my b___sts were less firm and little saggier after b___stfeeding, but really in the grand scheme of things, I'd do it again - (and currently am b___stfeeding my second child) it is so good for the baby and for mom too, it is pretty silly to worry about b___sts and you can always consider a b___st lift when you are done bearing children.


hthab - September 26

Hi! I haven't weaned my baby yet, but I'm a__suming that my b___bs will be a bit saggy when I'm done. Before my ds was born, I used to be concerned about things that just don't bother me anymore. Like I was always very concerned about staying in shape and looking trim. Well, when ds came, my whole world changed, and things like saggy b___bs and slightly flabby abs just don't seem to matter so much anymore. I see b___bs as the source of my baby's food now, and I'm happy that I've been able to give him the best possible nutrition. You might see it the same way once your little one comes along.


DB - September 26

I think part of b___stfeeding is being selfless...it's just not about me anymore, it's about my dd...and giving her the best start...I can tell you that my right b___st is almost dried up (We're slowly weaning & dd hates it-don't ask me why), it seems slightly saggy, but I can honestly tell you that what bugs me way more is the stretch marks on my b___sts from PREGNANCY!!! Those look way worse than the actual shape of my b___st!! I find it funny how women in this country can be so vain-don't get me wrong, I'm PLENTY vain as well, but like hthab, you just kinda forget about it when you see your beautiful baby...and btw, you'll lose your pregnancy weight way faster when you're nursing than not...so it's yet another advantage...and my nipples aren't long!! LOL!!!! Good luck!!


Val - September 27

My mother keeps making nice supportive comments like "your b___sts will be down to your knees by the time you are done b___stfeeding". Thanks, mom. I don't know what will happen when I'm done bf-ing since this is my first child (he's 4 months) but I really am committed to doing it both for my baby's health and for mine, as I've read that it can reduce your chances for getting b___st cancer. I'd rather have slightly saggy b___bs (there are always nice bras to give you some shape) and a healthy baby and me! But I do agree with the others about becoming more selfless as a mom... b___stfeeding has been very painful for me (it's mostly better now but I still have bad days), but only in my lowest moments did I consider giving up.


wailing - September 29

Ur friend must not have a child of her own to say that to u? When u are a mom u would cut off both ur arms if u needed to, if it meant ur baby would be healthier. I think some saggy b___st will be the last thing on ur mind when u start b'feeding. Good Luck w/ it:)



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