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bbmax - September 20

My second ds is now a week old. He seems to be doing fine but since yesterday my br___ts do not seem to be getting engorged and my ankles were swollen before which the dr said was fine since I was br___t feeding but now they're not. Does that mean something is wrong or my milk will dry up soon? I'm not a pro at this. I only br___t fed my first son for 2 months.


excited2bemama - September 20

I don't think your ankles have anything to do with your milk supply. Your ankles may have been swollen before b/c you still had alot of fluid in you from pregnancy and birth. If you are over engorgment all ready that is great. I was engorged until 2 weeks post partum I think. To know if your lo is getting enough look for lots odfwet diapers and listen for him swallowing when he is nursing.


bbmax - September 20

I thought being engorged meant that you are full of milk and if you are not engorged then you are not producing much. My dr also gave me the impression by what he said that swollen legs are a sign of b___st feeding. I supplemented a bit with some bottles from the hospital which may have confused my ds.


spamanda - September 21

You shouldn't need to supplement.... probably since this is your second baby, your body is easily adjusting to b___stfeeding. Ankles being swollen has nothing to do with nursing. Actually, b___stfeeding will help your water retention go away -- or at least that's what my doc told me. That may be where the confusion was. At any rate, I'd enjoy the fact that your b___sts don't hurt, don't supplement any more, and keep on nursing. Good luck! ~spam


Tory1980 - September 22

I have never heard of your ankles swellnig as being anything to do with b___stfeeding and I have b___stfed three babies (hopefully soon to be four). My b___sts became engorged around day 3-4 on each of them but it lasted for different amounts of time. My second it only lasted two days and then my b___sts felt 'normal'. Swollen ankles are usually a sign of water retention and I would expect they will go down in the next few days. Believe it or not actually drinking more may help this happen quicker and will also keep your supply up. Your b___sts don;t stay engorged when b___stfeeding and you will continue producing as long as you carry on feeding and often for a while afterwards until the supply dries up.


Crystal83 - September 23

I felt the same way, I'm bf'ing my 3rd dd and I was only engorged for one day when she was about 4 days old and thenthe next day my breats were pretty soft, I was worried I was drying up too because I don't remember being really full for such a short period of time, usually it's like a week or two. But baby is content and I'm making plenty of milk for her, I do get a bit over full when she has a longer sleep too so that helped me to know I was actually making enough milk as well. She's 3 weeks now and b___stfeeding wonderfully, GL to you!


wailing - September 29

I've never heard of ankle swelling having anything to do w/ milk supply either. Engorgement is only supposed to last when milk first comes in then it evens out and u stop getting so full.



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