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tryingx3 - March 5

KellensMom - how long have you been bfing? Tell us about you! You are our very own consultant!


kellens mom - March 5

I am NOT a consultant. Just a mom who gives advice when no one else seems to want to. Notice that I come and go...if I think someone has posted a good response that covers my thoughts then I feel no need to respond. However, if no one is responding to someone's questions then I feel compeled to help. Nursing is hard sometimes. Like many of you, I have had my share of issues. Luckily, I have been able to work through most of them. Kellen is nearly 11 months old. She is my first and only. I do have a couple of dear friends who either nursed or are presently nursing, so I get a lot of input from them. I even visit with them about some of your issues...because no one person knows it all. Thank heavens for good friends - I am not afraid to share mine with you (you just didn't realize it!) FYI-kellen only nurses at night now because she is too busy to slow down for mom. So now I am almost exclusively pumping. See...I am no expert...Many of you are already pros and by the time your lo gets to 11 months, you will have a lot to offer other moms.


kellens mom - March 5

After I posted, I thought that maybe I may seem too much like a "know-it-all". I hate annoying people like that, so I hope that I am not perceived that way. I honestly am okay with someone putting me in my place. (Try not to be too hurtful though!)


K - March 5

You aren't acting like a know- it-all!! I have a question for you. How long are you planning to continue b___stfeeding? I planned to stop right at one year. My dd just turned one and it seems like maybe she is not quite ready to be weaned yet. The pediatrician didn't seem to think there was any big hurry. I'm starting by reducing pumping at work, but I don't see her willingly giving up nursing at home in the near future, especially at bedtime.


kellens mom - March 5

We just started the switch to whole milk last week. I have to teach a clase out east for a week on my dd's 1st birthday (Darn it!) I am going to try to wrap it up by then. As previously mentioned, dd has already stopped nursing during the day, so I think she could give it up at any time. I just need to transition her to milk first. I don't want to cause too much havic on her system, so we are trying a gradual approach. Maybe tomorrow morning will be her first bottle of whole milk without bm mixed in?!? I honestly planned on going for a month. That goal switched to two months and now I am at 11 months. Time flys before we know it. My best friend eliminated the bed time bottle first because she heard that nursing was the hardest to give up. I'll have to ask her if she thinks that helped or not. Actually I just remembered that...I will have to ask.


tinkri - March 6

When is the best time to pump so you don't end up throwing the system off? My ds is 7 weeks and nurses every 2 hours in during the day. I have pumped a few times, but would like to start pumping once a day to build up the freezer so dh and I can get alone time once in a while. Thanks for any advise.


kellens mom - March 6

I honestly tried to pump once a day in those first 3 weeks to build up my freezer suppy and I found that I was getting overwhelmed. Once dd started to sleep a little longer (never long enough if you ask me) through the night, I would wake up with rock hard b___sts. I used those times as an opportunity to pump. I would pump one b___st all the way dry and just take the pressure off of the other one. That way if dd woke shortly, I would still have one b___st to nurse her with. Like I already said, in the early days your goal should simply be to sleep when you can and only pump when you are uncomfortable or you have feed the baby and know that there is extra left over. Just my thoughts...


kellens mom - March 6

One more thought...I originally planned to have a huge stock pile of milk in the freezer. My real goal was to stop nursing at 6 months and then feed dd frozen milk until it was gone. Then I found out that my milk supply is high in Lipitase (?). When it is frozen, the lipitaze (?) causes a change in the milk which makes it taste soapy. Who wants to drink soap? When I figured this out, I decided that I would just keep nursing and pumping until our 1 year goal. I mention this just so you know that there is a possibility that your milk could taste soapy too after it has been frozen. I will say that I still used some of that milk in cereal and as an emergancy supply for my dh. I did stop pumping for storage though. We ended up having an ice storm that took the power out for over a week, so I lost the milk anyway...


Lala - March 6

LOL LOL!!! I had to re-read your last post. It sounded like you use your frozen milk to FEED dh when you're out of regular milk. But, I think you mean you use it to mix with rice cereal when dh has to feed dd, right.?


kellens mom - March 6

Lala- too funny! I suppose that is what happens when a person is multi-tasking too much. I am glad we both got a chuckle out if it!


tryingx3 - March 6

kellens mom - thank you for replying. I started this because so many of us have benefited from your input. Please check back with us even after you wean Kellen!


K - March 6

My original goal was three months- here we are at a full year. I can't believe she is that big already. Part of our problem in the transition may be that my DD doesn't use bottles anymore. Since she was 10 months, if she isn't getting it straight from me, she drinks out of a cup. She never was too attached to, or interested in, pacifiers either- I don't think she has had one in her mouth in at least 3-4 months- so she may be using me partially for comfort as well as for food. Let me know how your dd does with the whole milk. Another problem we have is my dd is not crazy about it at all. If it is warm, she will reluctantly drink a little of it. We are trying to get her used to it gradually too. We definitely noticed the first time she had any quant_ty of it, what came out the other end was pretty scary!


tryingx3 - March 6

K - I can "see" myself posting that same post in about 6 mo...dd doesn't care for a pacifier nor a bottle.


DB - March 6

I agree with trying3x...your advice is great!! Please don't stop!!


alverran - March 14

Thank you tryingx3, Kellensmom has helped me a ton as well... All inputs are great. I am curious about the weaning though. My dd is 7 months, I don't plan to do this until 1 yr... I just don't know where to begin.


kellens mom - March 14

You already started! They say that weaning begins the moment that you introduce food. That a__side, we are weaning right now. Kellen is old enough that we are transitioning her directly to whole milk. Your lo is too little for that. Over an extended period of time (1 to 1.5 months - or your goal) gradually increase the number of bottles and decrease nursing. Begin by mixing an ounce of formula with a bottle and slowly increase it to half b___st milk and half formula. I did this with the morning bottle because I knew she was hungry and would take it. We are at the point now where we are adding a minimum of 2 ounces of supplement (in your case formula) to every bottle that we give her. This gradual introduction has worked very well. By doing the morning bottle for 10 days, we could see if she was more irriatable (she was not). The slow introduction has not caused her system to bind up. I will say that the whole milk we are using has definately made her poops more firm (not hard though). I am slowing down my pumping as well. I have been putting an hour or two more between daytime pumping sessions (I am nearly pumping exclusively now). Yesterday, I was able to eliminate one pumping session. Yes, I was full by the next session, but I was not in any pain. We hope to be done nursing in one month.


Kristin72 - March 14

Hi, I have a question about whole milk. Do you boil it first? I know this may sound stupid but I don't know. Also, can you go directly to whole milk from b___st milk or should you use formula to wean as well..I am a first time mom and no one seems to be able to tell me exactly how I would go about this. My baby is almost 3 1/2 months...I will not wean for a bit but would like to know for future.



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