Last Feeding Before Bed Question Need Some Ideas

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Maggie - October 12

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me...for my daughter's last feeding at night. She is so tired and always falls asleep before getting 3-4 oz...probably only taking in 1-2 oz. The other night, I tried for an hour to wake her up to eat, and she just wouldn't...only took a little bit. Last night, I tried cluster feeding her after her second to last feeding. So, I fed her at 5PM (it was a good feeding/br___tfed), then again at 6PM, then again at 7PM, and then again at 8PM, and put her down to bed. The 6, 7, and 8PM feedings were little ones--just to be sure that she got milk before bedtime. I am going to try it again tonight--but not to cluster feed every hour...I am going to try every hour and a half. What do you think of this idea?? I just don't know what else to do...if I would not have done that, she would have eaten good at her 5PM feeding...but at around 8PM (the time she would eat again), she would be hungry and she would start eating and then completely zonk out (and I mean COMPLETELY). Any suggestions??? She is a very light eater to begin with--but I would like her to take more in before bed. No matter what I try, she still wakes up at around 4-5 AM...and usually only eats off one side and zonks out again til 7-8 AM.


anne - October 12

how old is she?


Jamie - October 13

She's sleeping from 8 pm til 4 or 5 am, and your complaining?? Hon, she's sleeping through the night - obviously she's getting enough to eat at that last feeding, so don't try to force more on her.


Maggie - October 13

She is 3 mos. I just worry a lot--I know. Jamie--You are probably right. I just thought that it would be better for her if she did eat more prior to bedtime. And...I will be honest, I am a big "worrier." My daughter is on the smaller end...and dropped in her weight significantly during her first week. I know all babies drop...but she dropped a lot...and her doc had me supplementing with formula to get her weight up. And now I think I just overly-worry about the feedings. Thanks for your rea__surance though. You are probably totally right--she must be getting enough if she is sleeping so long. If she was hungry, she would wake up and let me know. It's funny----when other people have concerns like this...I can always rea__sure them and give them advice. But, when it is your own child, you always worry!!!


C - October 13

I have found it's very hard to wake a baby to eat if they're not hungry. You need to listen to your babies cues. My son goes to sleep at about 8 and sometimes wakes at 5 or other times I wake him at 6 because I need to go to work. If he falls asleep before 8, I do pick him up at about 9:30, change his diaper, and then I put him to the b___st. Normally he'll take it at that point even though I woke him up. So I would suggest feeding on demand and then if she falls asleep at 8, wake her up b4 you go to bed and give it a try. Usually a quick diaper change will wake any baby up in a flash.


anne - October 13

ah three months old. she is fine. mine sleeps through the night too, she is almost 11 weeks. as long as she gets enough during the day, she wont need to wake up to eat.


Jamie - October 14

I totally understand the worrier daughter lost too much weight initially too...but, at her 2 month appt she had gone from the 50% to 75%, so I must be doing something right...but still, it's so hard to tell.



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