Latching Retard

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Christy - November 20

Okay- my almost 2 week-old son was doing well with latching on up until a few days ago. Now he gets super hyper around my br___ts, puts his hands in the way so I can't get it in his mouth, then moves his hands so he can half-latch onto my nipple, which is painful and not going to give him the milk properly. It is driving me crazy. I have to use my free hand to hold his hand down (I tuck the other one under him so he can't get it out) and basically "strong-arm" him to latch on properly. I feel like such a brute when I do this, but he is being so difficult. Anyone else go through this and if so, what did you do?


sam - November 20

yes, i went through that for a couple of weeks, some days were better than others...i was using the football hold b/c that's the one they mentioned in the hospital and the one i was most comfortable with--even though my son kept putting his hands in the way (and he was sooooo strong for a little two week old) anyways, what i did was switch we use the cradle hold and have been for the past 3 months, he will be 14 weeks wed. that could be what you need, just switch holds on him and see if that works. hope so.


Jenn.. - November 20

Maybe you can try to nurse him while he is swaddled. That way he won't be able to put his hands in the way of his mouth.


mama-beans - November 20

Yeah, sounds like you're doing things right! The swaddling idea is a good one ( wish I thought of that with my DD) but I ended up with a football hold, right arm over her left arm, my hands by her face so her hands just found mine. Maybe try nursing more often as well, so he isn't so excited to see his meal!


sam - November 20

one thing i could never do with my son was swaddle him when he ate...he would sleep at the b___st often and swaddling is the worst thing for that...if you don't have a prob with keeping him up, go for it.


Jamie - November 21

My 3 month old daughter does that now - in addition, once she is finally latched, she'll break away to look around her, grin at me, usually give me a lick (she finds licking me hysterical for some reason), play with her hands, grab my hair, play with my arm, etc. before I can get her re-latched - then she gets mad because she's hungry, go


Christy - November 21

So funny! I am glad to hear that Ben is not latching retard! They are so funny, these babies, aren't they? What personalities. Anyway, I appreciate the advice. I may play around with holds more- I footballed him the other day (I did it initally then went to cross cradle and cradle) and he was good and p__sed off about that. Didn't stop him from eating though. LOL!



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