Letting Baby Bf While You Semi Sleep In Bed

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Kira_lynn - May 5

Just wondering? I'm thinking about getting the co-sleeper that attatches to my bed but im nervous that if i pull the baby over to bf i'll fall asleep. Will the baby disengage and sleep ok? What about burping? Im a soon-to-be new mom and just have soo many questions!


C - May 5

I nurse my baby laying down in bed or on the couch proped with a pillow. Once he stops nursing I get up and put him back in his crib. I always seem to wake up once he is finished. I guess it just depends on how heavy of a sleeper you tend to be. I could never sleep with my son in the room because every time he'd make a noise I'd be awake.


mom42 - May 5

I co-slept with my daughter for the first several weeks. It was the only way I could get sleep and she got her days and nights figured out quickly. I put her between a bed rail and me, with hubby on the other side. A co-sleeper attachment would have been nice,but pricey. Anyway, she slept great cuddled up to me and I could easily feed her when she was hungry, the drift back to sleep. Co=sleeping isn't for everyone, but dr, sears has some good info. on burping, she has never needed to burp too much,but would sometimes pat her ack while she was on her side.


Heather F - May 6

Kira,is this is exactly how my 6 week old and I spend our nights.....if I tried to get her to sleep in her crib we woould never get any sleep! Instead of a cosleeper look into the Simplicity Ba__sinet that turns into a cosleeper...we love it!


Susan W - May 6

The cosleeper (our Mini ArmsReach converts into a ba__sinett) didn't work for us because DS wants to be right with one of us. So we started cosleeping early on and it just continued to this day, and I cannot imagine forcing my child to sleep alone or cry it out or anything like that now. I nurse laying down preferentially now :) You just learn to sleep through it, and your sleep will be different than it is now -- your days of sleeping soundly are over (sorry); moms just get attuned to baby noises and activities. Burping wasn't an issue for us while laying down, interestingly enough, only if I nursed sitting up. But most moms do find nursing laying down a bit challenging the first few weeks, but just keep practicing. A little pillow tucked behind the baby helps keep the baby from rolling away from you during the first few weeks, or you can look into various little nursing pillow type things to help with side-lying nursing. It's definitely a sanity and body saver :) Some babies will unlatch themselves, some won't and you just help them along. Every baby is different.


Jamie - May 7

I also co-sleep. If you talk to the nurses in the hospital about nursing laying down, they'll help you figure it out. It was recommended to me, because it meant I could nurse my daughter and still let my body heal after my c-section.


angie m - May 11

I slept with all 3 of mine tell they where at least 6 months and one tell he was almost 2. I always feel asleep well feeding them and never had anything bad happen except I would sometimes leek on the sheets. But my mom did know one person who smothered her baby. So if you are a light sleeper like me I think a co-sleeper would be fine. But if you or dad sleep deep be carefull mabey get a ba__sanet and have it right next to the bed. Good luck.


falafal0 - May 22

One of te most wonderful things in the world is to snuggle up with your baby in a warm bed and fall asleep while they feed. I did this many times, but didn't do the exclusive co-sleeping. I woul often fall asleep while baby was feeding, then wake up hours later, baby sleeping, and them back into their cot. It is so good to get through those nights where you would otherwise not get a wink of sleep. With our first, a few times I woke up with baby in the bed, not remembering bringing him in. I ask DH if he brought him in while I was sleeping and latched him on or something, jokingly, but he said nope, I thought you did! His cot was about a metre from our bed at that point, and I think I was so exhausted, I was on automatic. Because I would feed from both sides, baby would be near DH when he slept as well. I woud always make sure I woke him up to let him know if I was changing sides, just in case,so he could be aware of how far over he was...as lovely as it is, you still have to be careful. I didn't tell DH one night, andhe rolled over onto one of the pillows or a part of the blanket that was rolled up, and in his mid-sleep, thought it was our baby, and freaked out and jumped up and out way over the bed and both of us, thinking he'd rolled on him. He was always extra careful after that, and I don't think he ever slept as soundly either!


babybird - May 23

I b___stfed my first son while he slept with us. He was eating every hour, so if I didn't have him sleep with us I never would have gotten any sleep. I did this for almost a year with no problems. It makes it much easier for everyone, I think. I would fall asleep shortly after he latched on and he always disengaged himself just fine. As far as burping goes, I'm sure every baby is different, but he really did not need to burp if he was nursed while laying down. He always burped a lot if nursed while sitting, but for some reason laying down made him not need to.



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