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denimbluez - May 26

when my baby was born, during our stay in the hospital, i started br___tfeeding. it was going very well, however one of the nights we were there (i was there for several days due to a c section) he had a pretty bad night. the nurse on duty said it may have been because he was such a big baby, he wasnt getting enough with only my milk, so i may want to supplement with formula. we listened to her and did this. she said it would be ok to use the nipples given with the formula bottles. he took the formula with no problem and continued to br___t feed as well. however, when i arrived home i had quite a time getting him on the br___t. due to frustration, my husband and i decided to strictly br___tfeed him thru pumping and continue to supplement with formula as needed. that way my husband could help with feedings during the night. this didnt seem like much of a problem until this weekend. my husband was out of town and i had no one to help me at home, so i was home alone for the weekend. all day saturday and most of the morning sunday, i NEVER got the chance to pump. NEVER. my baby must have not been feeling well and i just could not put him down. he rec'd nothing but formula all weekend. when i finally could put him down, i was just to tired and would crash so i just didnt pump. if i could have got him on the br___t we would be ok but he didnt want anything to do with it. so the last few days, the most i have pumped is about 3-4 oz every few hours where i was getting over 8 oz every few hours. all day today, i committed myself to pumping for 15 miutes every 2 hours. that is what the lactation consultant at the hospital told me to do to increse my supply when i first got home. is the damage already done, or if i continue to do this will my supply build back up? i just finished pumping a few minutes ago. i got 3 oz at my last pumping 2 hours ago, but this last time i hardly got half an ounce. i am getting frustrated, but surely dont want to give up if it will get better. also do any of you have any tips as to how i can get my baby to get back on the br___t? will i have to also use some kind of special bottles/nipples when bottle feeding? i am currently using dr browns with regular stage 1 nipples.


KDR - May 28

Hi there! The SAME thing happened to me. My DS lost too much before we went home and he didn't start out very big so we supplemented with formula. Cup feedings. Then we were uninformed and thought whats the big deal we'll just use a bottle. BIG mistake. DS was nipple confused or had "nipple preference." The milk comes sooo much faster from the bottle that the baby gets lazy and prefers bottle instead of working to get milk from the b___st. Mine fussed and fussed and it was very frustrating but FINALLY I got him to like the b___st again. My supply went down a lot but you are on the right track to getting back up. The thing I did was offer the b___st often and keep trying. If baby gets too frustrated then stop but just keep gently offering the b___st. Even if baby only feeds for a few minutes and then gets frustrated. Pump after each feed. Use medicine cups for feeds or syringe but don't let baby suck on the syringe. (this is only if you want to strictly b___st feed and stop bottles altogether.) Stress also makes your supply go down so try to stress if you can. I still use stage 1 nipples when bottle feeding to keep baby interested in b___stfeeding. It took me 3 days of pure heck to get my ds back to the b___st. Night nursing or "dream feeds" can also help get baby back to b___st. They are sleeping so less likely to fuss as much. How old is your baby? This all happened to me when ds was around 2-3 weeks. After that he didn't have a bottle until 9 weeks when I started him part-time at day care. He nurses now at 7 months with no problem and gets 3-4 bottles at daycare. People have said there is no such thing as nipple confusion but there is and it can be very frustrating. That's why if you plan to exclusively b___stfeed then don't introduce a bottle until at least 6 weeks if not later b/c younger babies are very susceptible to this. Call your lactation consultant and go to kellymom.com for more info and tips. Just keep working and hopefully everything will work out! good LUCk!


jazminesmom - May 30

i have the same problem, my son wont latch and i pump to feed him. when he was in the nicu i could pump 3 to 4 oz every three hours,he was only a newborn then. now i pump 3 to oz every three hours and he eats 6 oz a feeding, so i add formula to make 6 oz so at least half the bottle is my milk


cynnababy - May 30

I am sorry that you are having such hard time with latching. I am surprise that the hospital didn't offer you cup feeding or tubing feeding. My baby was jaundice, so we need to supplement her with formula before my milk came in at the hospital. The LC there recommended that I used tube & syringe instead of bottle. I will tape the tube to my b___st, and she will busk from my b___st and the tube. I continue with that until she is about 9 days old, then we start her with bottle because she wasn't gaining enough weight, and tube is getting too much ha__sle. I didn't have much problem with nipple confusion with her. Plus I was using wide neck bottles. Try switch your baby to wide neck bottles since it's more similar to b___st. Keep pumping whenever you can, and try getting your baby to latch on. Try it when he is not too hungry. Maybe feed him a little first, then switch to b___st. Breast milk is supply and demand. the more you pump or nurse, the more you will produce. and yes, stress will decrease the supply. Try some fenugreek supplement. I have heard that it helps with increasing milk production.



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