Low Milk Supply

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Alexandra - November 3

In the mornings i have more than adequet milk supply, but i feel like later at night it decreases a lot. my baby will only suck for a couple seconds and then it seems like she gets frustrated and gives up. could it be that shes not getting enough milk from feeding? how can i make more milk! i drink tons of water and eat properly. help!


natalie - November 3

your body will make enough milk for your baby.have you tryed to express a bit of milk before putting baby to the b___st. your body may just not resupply because the baby doesnt get any in the first suckles and gives up, so your body doesnt think there is a demand for the milk. im not sure, but its worth a go


M - November 3

pump like crazy, pump in between and after every feeding. This should increase you supply.


April - November 4

I am always so full in the mornings you can really tell there's lots of milk. By bedtime it's not as obvious but there's still milk. Remember your b___st is never empty and if you just let the baby nurse as often as it wants you body will supply what milk is needed. How old is your baby? My three month old has started to get distracted while nursing. He pulls away to look at things all the time. I also read that some smart babies like to nurse for just a second then pull off and wait for mom to have milk let down then nurse again. Is you baby upset at night?


sara - November 5

Read this article on b___stfeeding.com about the herb fenugreek - saved my b___t when I went back to work - http://www.b___stfeeding.com/all_about/all_about_fenugreek.html Then, go read the side article about one womans use of the herb... I am Woman, Hear me Moo... seriously funny, seriously true! - http://www.b___stfeeding.com/lighter_side/lighter_side_stories_moo.html


C - November 5

Do you ever bottle feed? I have the same problem but I've decided it's because I supplement with a bottle while he's at day care. I decided he was old enough for the fast flow nipple so if my b___sts aren't full and flowing fast he'll pull away and cry. I tried this weekend to only nurse or pump every 4 hours as I do during the week. If he's hungry b4 4 hours, he gets a bottle of expressed milk or formula. It's worked quite well today.


Alexandra - November 7

I teach dance once a week, and my daughter gets bottle fed that one time a week. I feel the same as "C"... my milk isnt coming out fast enough and my daughter is getting frustraited.. There's such thngs as bottles with a slower flow?



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