Low Milk Supply Cos Baby Sleeps Through Night

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lisa - November 15

Im br___tfeeding my baby girl every 2 hours during the day, she feeds for up to an hour, i feed one br___t untill it feels empty 40mins then swap, but it seems my br___ts are soft not hard like they are only sometimes, in the morning, my baby (two weeks old) sleeps for 7 hours through, i dont want to wake her, or myself and my midwife said its not a problem to let her sleep through if she is hungry she will wake, but could this be making my milk supply die off/lesson???


miranda - November 15

At that age, I would say it would be a good idea to try to wake her up once during that time to nurse. You would probably still eventually be okay, but it would help you get your supply established a few more weeks before you let her sleep that long. Don't make too much of an issue out of it though, as long as she's still eating often during the day.


mindee - November 15

i agree with you, i would not want to wake her either. if shes hungry she'll wake up. i would however get up once a night and pump for the next few weeks so that you establish a good milk supply, and by doing this you will gain a little storage. good luck!


sam - November 16

my pediatrician told me not to wake my son if he was sleeping long periods at night. BUT, i would do it anyway until he was about 2 months old. i would wake him after i slept four hours just to make sure my supply stayed high. he is now three months and sleeps through the night and i still wake up engorged in the morning. if you are worried about your supply dying off and you really don't want to wake your baby then you can pump in the middle of the night. really they say it's all about supply and demand...if your baby is already sleeping that well at night you really don't need that milk at that time. as long as she's eating enough during the day, i don't see a problem in her getting her sleep at night. you are one of the lucky ones.


marsha - November 17

Hi lisa, Yes, you're lucky to have a 2 week old sleeping that long at night, but you either have to wake baby or do what mindee said and pump. You need to establish a good milk supply. Also, I've read that your body's peak time for releasing prolactin, a milk producing hormone, is between 1 and 5 am. Lisa, do you feel you have a low milk supply or are you just wanting to prevent it?


Heidi - November 17

You're lucky she sleeps so long already. My 5 wk old is up every 3-4 hours still. I know how you feel. A couple times she slept for 4-5 hours and I woke up with my b___bs engorged and I wanted her to wake up and feed cus they were leaking thru the pads. I wanted to pump so bad but then she'd want to eat as soon as I did ya know. I usually pump in the morning after she eats cus she falls asleep right away and doesn't eat as much and I get tons of milk in the morning so I freeze it.


HI - November 17

My bub sleeps through the night too, but I am so exhausted I don't want to get up in the middle of the night to pump. I take her sleeping through to mean I am already supplying enough milk. And If I did get up in the middle of the night to pump wouldn't I just become engorged at a time that she doesn't want to feed? What are your thoughts on this?


HI - November 17

Ok I see sam has alreay kind of answered the question. Talk about relief!!!



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