Low Milk Supply With 8 Month Old Who Is Eating Solids

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christine25 - May 27

my 8 month old is eating solid food meals twice a day, and does not br___tfeed much at all anymore. today, i probably br___tfed him about 3 times total and its very short when he br___tfeeds. is this normal? I assume the food is filling him up, but i thought he would still be br___tfeeding more? thus, i hardly get engorged anymore, and my milk supply has gone down alot.


Susan W - May 28

Wow. My DS did not change his nursing habits when we introduced solids, but I suppose this is normal for some kids. . . .You could try reducing his solids intake and see if his nursing increases, if you want to continue nursing. You could accept this as his normal. Some babies wean themselves early, and there's nothing you can do about it. You could try pumping to boost your supply; while it's not as efficient as nursing, it's something, and then offer that in a cup for your baby. And. . . could you be pregnant again?? My supply has vanished during pregnancy, and DS has nearly weaned himself. The taste often changes and they don't care for it. . . I know there's a couple other ladies in the same situation, and perhaps one of them could weigh in for you.


Trac - May 28

My ds is 7.5 monhts and seemed to nurse a little less during the day when we started solids too (but kind of made up for it by waking up once more in the night to nurse). Breast milk is supposed to be the main source of nutrition for the first 12 months so you could try nursing before you feed solids. Solids don't offer all the vitamins that b___st milk does so I want to make sure my ds is getting at least 5-7 sessions of bf per day. I found the info about how much on kellymom.com. Another idea is mixing some of your solids with b___st milk - it's a great way to get more in each day. Good luck to you!


christine25 - May 29

thank you for your thoughts. i am not pregnant again. he seems to really like to eat baby food, but i will try to nurse him more before feeding food.



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