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melissa g. - June 3

my dd is nearly 4 months old, i had recurrent clogged ducts in my right br___t, horrible engorgement, horrible pain -- we have phased out the br___t and moved onto formula (pumping increased my supply and my baby wouldnt drain me well enough) -- anyhoo we br___tfeed 2x a day, AM and before bed. I notced a tiny pea sized lump very near the nipple on the "bad" br___t the other day -- my OB nurse thinks it is the clogged duct and told me to massage/apply heat and to call back of it didnt go away -- it hasnt gone away yet -- has anyone needed ultrasound to break up a duct clog? I think I will go in for a exam just to make sure its not br___t cancer!! but probably its a clog??? can they sometimes feel like a tiny lump?


Susan W - June 7

I had really bad recurrent plugged ducts until I figured out a couple things, and they always felt like small lumps at the beginning and then got big and painful. I was able to get rid of mine by doing this: heat and ma__sage, starting away from the area and the moving in. I would get in the shower, turn it on hot and ma__sage away too until milk squirted all over and then return to heat and ma__sage out of the shower. I nursed, nursed, nursed and if it was really bad, I went to bed for a day to rest and nurse and drink fluids. But they did not stop until I learned to cut out as much saturated fat from my diet as possible (and it's amazing how much is in there without us realizing it) and taking lecithin capsules. I haven't had one in months now after starting all that, and I have been nursing for 21 months now! Good luck!!


melissa g. - June 8

i went to get checked out by my OB, and she thinks it is something called a galactasil (sp?), which is a cyst filled with milk. She said it might also be a fibroidnoma, which is a benign type of growth. She didnt think it was b___st cancer b/c she said b___st cancer lumps arent nice and symmetrical like mine was, but she was pleased with me for finding it, and I have to have an ultrasound next week. So ladies, all lumps that dont go away, go get checked by your OB!


Susan W - June 8

Glad it's not a bad thing :) I had two fibroadenomas removed about 10 years ago, and that's not a biggie surgery at all. So what's she plannning to do about them?


melissa g. - June 9

if it is a fibroidenoma, my OB said it would have to be removed, if it is a galactasil, she she said we'd keep an eye on it and see if it resolved once my b___stfeeding winds down. sigh. my poor b___sts -- its been one thing after another!



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