Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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livsmomma - November 3

the repeated phrase "if your questioning it, it must be wrong to do" is just pure and simple bs. any intelligent woman who has found herself pregnant ask questions and rethinks EVERYTHING she does. from the temperature of her shower to the water she drinks. many woman question whether it is okay to wear a seat belt while pg, swin in a pool, eat tuna fish. these are not all clean cut, if you're questioning it you shouldn't be doing it scenarios. you question that tylenol and questions to find out the has nothing whatsoever to do with "knowing" if something is okay or not.


common sense - November 3

Any intelligent woman will think of her baby before herself. Is it that important to get high? If it's unknown what pot will do to a fetus or b___stfed baby, why do it?


livsmomma - November 4

after my 10+ yrs of smoking mj no, i do not smoke to get high. while pg i smoked to eleviate the severe nausea and vomitting. i smoke regularly for a variety of medical problems. and it is not unknown what mj will or will not do to a fetus or b___st fed baby. i believe at least one of the studies proving it to be beneficial is poted on this page somewhere above....


common sense - November 4

I've known many women who had severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, and none of them had to turn to mj to help them. I'm not anti-mj, but I do not agree with the use of it while pregnant or b___stfeeding. I'm pretty sure the person (angel) asking this question in the first place is not using it for medicinal reasons. So why not wait until you are done b___stfeeding to start smoking again? It would really be a selfless act.


a fellow smoker - November 6

This is a personal opnion and i think your being selfish for even having this question... please, let your baby just have pure b___st milk in it's natural form untill he's had enough. Then go back to your habits.


c. s. - November 6



carole - November 9

i myself am a regular m.j. smoker, im 8 months pregnant, and have been smoking m.j throughout my whole pregnancy.. there is NO SCIENTIFIC evidence that this could harm your baby... its not good.. but its a problem i have with quitting, im dont smoke excessivly, but i do think that people make a bigger deal out of it, than what it really is..


c.s. - November 9

Well, I hope for your baby's sake that smoking marijuana does not harm a fetus. But somehow I can't see how it couldn't. God bless


Sahara - November 9

. . . common sense doesn't seem to have much of a life, . . . we know your opinion, find something else to do.


c.s. - November 9



lisa - November 10

everything that goes into you comes out into your milk, howver small, why dnt you formular feed if you drug habbit is more important than your babies health, get a grip, your never going to find what you want to hear, ie smoking drugs wont harm your baby...weirdo


to lisa - November 10

I have researched this question for so long and have found several studies that show that mj can be beneficial to b___stfead babies. I don't think a mother that is b___stfeading should smoke heavily but a few hits a day will not harm an infant. It's not that a drug habit is more important some of us use it rather that other habits you or someone else might have to sit down and relax at the end of the day. I don't formula feed because every bit of information states that b___stfeeding is best no matter what even if you are a tobacco user. Of course they are talking in terms of smoking cigarretts, no I do not smoke them, but if all that rat poison and god knows what else in them is still best for the baby, I don't think a few hits of mj changes that. They do have studies that show it doesn't do harm to a fetus because there are places in this world where it is legal and women that live there are having children too and they are the ones that make this research possible. Now as far as other drugs are concerned, no I don't think women should b___stfeed, but a little mj is nothing like crack, cocaine, heroin, or anything else like that.


Scientific Studies - November 10

Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain Marijuana is less carcinogenic than tobacco Marijuana and the brain Marijuana and medical uses:


to sahara - November 10

Are we a little b___hy today? Maybe you need a couple of "hits" to relax.


Info MOM - November 17

Scientific Study Thanks so much for that first link. I have done some research but never came across that one. I really appreciate it and will look for similar studies. Thanks bunches!


amapolitamomma - November 18

Breastfeeding aside, how can you provide your child with the care that he/she needs while high. Sounds pretty selfish. Give it up and your baby will be the better for it, regardless of whether or not the THC in your milk affects him/her.



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