Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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amapolitamomma - November 18

Breastfeeding aside, how can you provide your child with the care that he/she needs while high. Sounds pretty selfish. Give it up and your baby will be the better for it, regardless of whether or not the THC in your milk affects him/her.


mama-beans - November 18

If THC was present in Breastmilk... then HELL YES marijuana is bad for a b___stfeeding mother! Why would you continue when you are drugging your child?


livsmomma - November 19

first of all ignorant people, why could you not ttake care of your child after smoking weed? can you take care of a kid after smoking a cigarette? okay then. secondly even though thc is pa__sed in b___stmilk it is in an inactive state by then and so has NO AFFECT ON THE BABY WHATSOEVER!


??? - November 19

Duh...!!!!! Since when is smoking a cigarette the same as smoking a joint?! That's a pretty ignorant statement. Maybe you should get your facts straight.


Yeah - November 19

livsmomma- I'd like to see your Degree in Medical Sciences. Your ignorance is disturbing.


amapolitamomma - November 21

Mothers who smoke cigarettes are also harming their children, even if they don't do it around them. Why would you use that as an example when no one even mentioned anything about smoking cigarrettes. Second-hand smoke of any kind clings to clothes and hair and can harm little guys, even if it is not directly around the. Also, marijuana dulls the senses and can slow reaction time. THAT is why it is harmful and selfish to smoke pot around your babies. If you are high you can not possibly be as in tune with your babies as you need to be to parent successfully.


elmo green M.D. - November 24

marijauna is stored in the fat cells of the body and while b___stfeeding you inturn transfer these fat cells to the baby threw collogen and then b___st milk.i think ones own judement is in order in these situations remember the mind is very powerfull forget what u heard go with what u feel in moderation.


yuri - November 25

im pregnant and i have smoked mariguana I would like to know does that stay in my blood stream if so how long does it stay in my blood stream another question is cani b___stfeed if I had smoked Im seven months and three weeks if i dont smoke any more will it be better for me and my baby I dont smoke all the time just when I dont feel good and when I dont eat


livsmomma - November 26

hi yuri i encourage you to email my website administrator at [email protected] to get our link. our site has tons of info to answer your questions without the judgement and ignorance you face here.


Paula - November 27

It's not me that is smoking I am 43 with no uterus its other younger girls that I know


Be real ! - November 27

Ok now ladies, first off before you can say anything you must know the facts. Do you? No you cant to be honest because even the medical community has said very little. Fact is that any drug, and I might add that cigaretts falls into the same catagory as MJ is just as bad. However with that being said, some mothers use cigaretts for stress. This is not good at all but versus becomming emotionally unable to cope with the post partum or stress such as a bypolar mommy. We all have ways of dealing with stress and no one woman on this page should ever deny becomming emotionally unstable at one point. We all have our ways of calming ourselves. I for one have a family who are bypolar. I was lucky not to have this problem. My mother smoked with each one of us kids and my brothers and sisters do as well. I do not however all of us are very smart and successful as well as there children. I feel a lot of these woman are hipicritcal in saying that they never did anything wrong while b___stfeeding and they make themselves sound superier in there disition to avoid certain things. This is fine but please dont judge others based on your opinion. Base your words of facts that you can not provide. When I asked my physician about this question as I have family who have done mj while b___stfeeding and he simply told me that it is always best to avoid anything foreign to the body but there has been nothing to cause concern to the medical community yet besides how the mother may react in taking care of the infant. Sometimes good unlaced mj can cause tiredness that is hard to fight off putting the infant at risk if mommy fails to wake up if needed. There are so many dramatic responses and rude ones at that. We are all not perfect and this person is not hurting there baby by having an occasinal drag if needed for relaxation. I was on welbutrin all though my pregnancy due to minor depression. you should see the potential side affects to me on that. One includes blood clots and seizurs and the list goes on but ya know every single doctor I met with on all three of my pregnancies was given to me by doctors advise and perscription. There is no proof of issues with the baby. This sounds firmiliar correct. Illegal or not it does not mean that its going to hurt anyone. The state will NOT come take your baby away ladies contrary to ignorant peoples responses. I am a licened state care worker in NH. They will only investigate those mothers with proper investigated claims of abuse or neglect. This means if your child is visably in danger for there life or mentally. If there mother is perfect except somone has an issue with her mj use, there is nothing the state will do unless the mother is found with the mj on them. They will simply remove the mj from the parent and prosecute for posetion. No child will be removed without a major concern and just smoking pot is not one of them. You can rest a__sured on that. THC does show in the fatty tissues however this is not going to hurt anything unless your applying for a job that requires a blood test and thats it. Other than that everyone is fine and dandy and everyone lives happy and healthy so relax ladies, take a deep breath, read the facts and dont judge but help out others who are unadvised. Nyquil is bad and so is headache meds but we need it to be sane and feel good enough to care for our kids so b___stfeeding or not, your body absorbs a lot. Not everything you consume taints your b___stmilk. You urinate and salivate and other body fluids absorb medications. I do not wasnt anyone to think I feel its ok to smoke anything or drink all the time during pregnancy or b___stfeeding. I dont smoke anything and barely drink but if your an occasional drinker your ok. If you want a night out on the town and want to get drunk or feel good, my advise is pump and dump your milk. If you smoke mj every now and then and take just one or two puffs, there is practically no risk except a sleepy baby if that. Your FINE!!!!!!!!


LAE's mom - December 6

No one can really say for sure, because I don't think people in the medical field would want to take responsibility for doing a study on mj while preg or nursing or for that matter drinking alcohol while pregnant- that is why most places you look tell you to abstain. But yet there are plenty of studies that show the negative effects of smoking cigarettes while pregnant, but you still plenty of women smoking. I don't think it is right to smoke an eigth a day, but I am a person who believes in everything in moderation. They tell you don't eat too much sugar or "junk" food while pregnant, but how many of you ladies were out at midnight buying a half gallon of ice cream. Yeah I know the whole illegal factor- the only reason mj is illegal and will most likely stay illegal is because our government can't figure out a way to make money off of it. Anyway back to the topic, I am an occasional mj user and I have had no problems with lactating. My baby is healthy, happy, and very advanced for her age. I did not smoke while pregnant or for the first month of her life, I also cut out caffiene for her first month. At the end of the day you need to do what feels right for you, and forget about what other people think. And no one should judge you or claim you are a bad parent because you actually want to do something for yourself and relax. My thing is just don't do it around the kid. The only time someone should intervene with the way you are raising your child is if you are abusing him/her. I see a lot of parents treat their children in a way I don't think is acceptable, and I doubt they are high- but who am I to judge.


// - December 6

You are in such denial it is sad. TCH is stored in your fat cells. If you b___stfeed and smoke MJ, that THC is pa__sed off to your baby.. and you have a hell of a lot more to worry about then a sleepy baby! Anyone ever heard of SIDS?? One of the first indecators of that aweful outcome was a baby that was hard to wake.. you DRUG your child, s/he will be hard to wake.. WHY would you think you have the right to risk your child like that? Grow up. Get clean. Be a responsable parent. YOUR wants and needs aren't important anymore, your job is to make your CHILD'S wants and needs fulfilled.


TeenMom - December 6

I figured I'd give my personal opinion, not trying to offend anyone, but here it is. I am 17 and am pregnant with my first child, for years I have smoked mj everyday, serval times a day and sawno problem with it. Finding out I was pregnant devastated me, and I knew I needed to quit. I started off cutting down to two tokes a week and then to one toke every two weeks until I was 14 weeks. It gave me something to work towards and having a goal set was really helpful in quitting. Plus, I was told it could be harmful to quit cold turkey. I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks, so I wasn't doing it for that long. It turned out it didnt give me the same feeling anymore, all I have felt was bad. So I just quit. Once I am done having the baby, I know I will go back to my old habit, so I am going to b___st pump milk for the allowed 48 hours if I decide I want to party hard with drinks or mj. But, I am not planning on quitting smoking weed while b___stfeeding, only not doing it as much as i did before until i stop b___stfeeding. there is nothing wrong with it, morally, in my opinion. if you can stop forever, i really must give you congrats. its hard to do for the first bit.


Healthy - December 8

My husband and I been watching this site for a long time with interest. I am currently b___stfeeding my 4 month old little girl and have puff every other day.....I also did the same with my other 2 girls and they are healthy and extremely bright for their age. I'm not going to repeat what others have already said but IT IS FINE IN MODERATION.


to angel - December 8

I agree with "healthy" people only think there's something wrong with it, because they're told there's something wrong with smoking marijuana PERIOD. moderation is the key.



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