Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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to angel - December 8

I agree with "healthy" people only think there's something wrong with it, because they're told there's something wrong with smoking marijuana PERIOD. moderation is the key.


/./. - December 8

And it doesn't matter at all to you "responsable" parents that you are pa__sing that THC off to your infant through your b___stmilk?


to /./. - December 9

I know this is a touchy subject, and I'm honestly not trying to argue it. but I honestly feel that most people's views about marijuana are incorrect and based simply on the fact that the goverment has criminalized it. all the studies that I have read have pointed to the benefits of marijuana or at the very least...the fact that researchers are finding it's not NEARLY as harmful as it was made out to be years ago. I believe everything God placed on this earth was for us and our benefit in someway and that moderation is the key. fruit and veggies can be bad for you if you over do it. BTW...I don't smoke. Haven't smoked in over 10 years. personal decision. so I'm not someone that is trying to justify my actions here. these are just my beliefs.


././ - December 9

I agree that MJ may not be as evil as the gvt makes it out to be, and I also agee with your views on God given worth, but we DO, through science, that THC is the chemicle in MJ that makes you.. well feel like you're on weed.. sleepy, hungry, dry mouth, etc. We also know, for fact, that THC is stored in your Fat cells. In addition, we know that b___stmilk is made up, in large part, of the contents of those fat cells. If you are smoking MJ and b___stfeeding, you are pa__sing that TCH on to your infant. Over sleepy infant?? NOT a good thing. Drugged infant? Definately NOT a good thing. Even if MJ was legal, smoking while b___stfeeding is a BAD idea. Wait it out or give formula if you can't be responsable enough to keep your fragile infant away from a High mother.


Healthy - December 9

I respect the opinions against smoking mj while b___stfeeding and I think we all have "questioned" otherwise we wouldn't have found this site. I socialize with many individuals from the medical profession (including a nationally well respected lung specialist) and have felt comfortable enough with them to broach the subject. At least within my circle of professional friends, there has been no evidence to indicate that THC (although it is indeed present in b___stmilk) will harm an infant. Studies have indicated that Tylenol 3 (which contains opioid) when taken in VERY large doses by the mother is only present in b___stmilk at 0.009% of the dose injested therefore THC couldn't be much different as it's mechanism of action is similar to opioids.....and as all you mothers are aware, Tylenol 3 as well as stronger substances such as morphine are acceptable pain control medications even while pregnant. As well, this same specialist has stated that smoking mj does not at all have the same effect as smoking cigarettes (as brought up by others in this site) as it contains many chemicals not found in natural mj. Again, I respect those who choose not to do it but as for husband and I will often put the girls to bed, and sit on our deck outside and have a bit of fun....mostly to unwind and relax....


Ann Tope - December 10

I think bottom line is to request real infomation regarding of cosumption of marijuana. There is something (one of millions) hidden that Gov. does not want us to know! How come artificial, nasty, quimicals are totally legal?


liked wow! - December 10

Come on women.... marijuana is the money tree for our great-gov.,....that is why they just dumped it into the "gateaway" categorie,so most of people ignores the real purspose of making it illegal...... MMMmmm I feel like a joint right now! hehe


Hello...opinion! - December 10

Cannabis, great gift from our nurture mother earth. Turned into our goverments "MONEY_TREE" it is not a fantasy my friends, the money-tree exist and is just fair to be able to have some for free (hehe) and not illegaly(and expensive). And about breasfeeding....let's just be rasonables, smoke of any kind, including nasty alcohol, and legal medecines will some how harm your baby's development. Some time in a tiny manner, mild or great one......anyways stop while you are pregnant and it will even make you feel like the first time you smoke after you're done w/ your pregnacy and b___stfeeding! 1-2 years of break isn't that bad! Anyways, I do not have kids yet but I will stop for about 2 years when I decide to have my own little ones! But after YUHUUU to celebrate with a nice, tasty joint!! MMMmmm hehe


studies - December 16

I just want to inform everyone that the theory that nobody wants to put their child at risk to do these studies is wrong. There is ways for them to do the studies. Do u think people wanted to risk their child's life by doing cocaine while preg or bf. No! And there are still studies on that!


Kristina - December 16

With the reasearch that has been done on b___stfeeding mother smoking marijuana...they say that it only has an effect on the baby in large quant_ties. Mothers who smoked small amounts, the THC wasn't found in the baby. It's only when moms smoke it alot and it gets built up in the fatty cells.


loving mother of two - December 17

Why take the risk with your baby? You are supposed to love this baby with everything that you have. It is one thing to do something that could be harmful to you, but to put your baby at risk is a chance I would not take. Say it does something to your baby you will have to live with that the rest of your life. And your baby will wonder why you loved pot more than him/her. Think about it.


livsmomma - December 18

"You are supposed to love this baby with everything that you have." ever stop and think that maybe smoking marijuana enables some women to do just this who couldn't otherwise? many women take anti depressants for post partum depression so they can function and take complete care of their babies. mj acts the same for some


educatedmommy - March 6 Dr. Melanie Dreher's research into ganja use among Jamaican women.


CarolA - March 6

my friend is b___st feeding and smoking pot. Her baby if happy, and seems ok, but he is a little slow. He looks stoned, you can see it in his eyes. He's not developing as fast. He didn't laugh untill like month 4. He didn't reach for toys or anything for a long time too. But she smokes alot more than you do. I'd say try and give it up, its not worth it. I stopped smoking when i found out i was pregnant, and i might pick it back up when im done b___st feeding, but i'd just rather not risk my baby being slow, pots not that important to me.


older mom - July 30

Has anyone out there smoked mj and b___stfeed 20 years ago??? How did your children trun out??? Are they now users?


olivia - July 30

My uncles ex wife did with my four cousins. At least 3 of them smoke pot now, I am not sure about one of them, but I think their mother still does too so that could have something to do with it.



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