Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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livsmomma - May 29

no, mj while b/fing is not harmful. it is recommended to b___stfeed no matter if the mother is smoking cigarettes, and is the same with marijuana. the only risk you face smoking mj is possible problems with the law if you get caught. it is not dangerous, harmful or "bad" in any way.


star - May 30

im not really sure but i think that smoking cigerettes are far off worse then smoking marijuana when pregnant. only the mother can stop her self smokinh no one else. they know what they are doing but it is hard to quit, pregnant or not.


a fellow mom - May 30

I also am a mom in need of an occasional stress relief. My 3rd baby is also very healthy. I have always felt that I know my children better than anyone. And as long as I am careful with what I do and I pay close attention to my child and her health and needs, we will both be O.K. And as for all these uptight Dont Do It At All people-- everyone has an unhealthy vice. I just wonder what they are doing to their children in the long run. No one is perfect! But I'd rather have pot occasionally than stress out and beat my kids or something more stupid. My advice is to just pay close attention to your kid's health.


Question - May 30

livsmomma: How are you so sure that it is not "bad" to smoke while b___stfeeding? Your answer is the only one that is so sure.


livsmomma - May 30

i am so sure because not only have i seen the real life evidence, i have also done my research. there are plenty of studies showing mj to even be beneficial to a child whose mother smoked while pg and b___stfeeding. one such study was preformed in jamaica by the american academy of pediatrics. mel's description of the study is completely incorrect. the children were found to have NO withdrawl symptoms, were more alert and self soothing than their non smoking counterparts and behaved more rewardingly for their caregivers. these babies were also more mentally stable than the others. another thing...add/adhd is not caused by marijuana, in fact it is used as a treatment for those problems.


ES - May 31

To Surprising: I showed you some research and there is not more research because there would be no funding to give illegal drugs to b___stfeeding women to properly study the effects.


yikes - May 31

to: ES (happy mommy?) They could do the research on people who admit to using, just like in the research you sited. Really, do you think that those studies gave the MJ to the moms? Advice to everyone, ignore ES, she's nuts, can't stick to the issue, and clearly mis-read the original question about b___stfeeding. (not in utero) There is a clear difference, because most of the harm that comes from smoking MJ is from the carcinogens in the smoke, NOT the THC. In utero the baby may be more affected because of the smoke, where that risk does not exist in b___st milk. Mothering mag had an article about using MJ to cure morning sickness that debunked most of the studies done that say it is harmful. The lady who used lost a baby because she could not eat due to morning sickness (before MJ use) then had five healthy children afterwards and smoked during those five pregnancies. None of her children have slow motor skills, none are retarted. They don't have behavior problems, or ADD. If she had not smoked, she would have risked very unhealthy babies because she couldn't eat. I know this case wasn't about b___stfeeding, but it is an example of a beneficial use of MJ during pregnancy that wasn't for recreational reasons.


livsmomma - May 31

crystal, do not waste your precious b___stmilk by pumping and dumping. that is only to be done when drinking alcohol. thc is not transfered into b___stmilk and if any small traces are found it is an inactive form of the thc, meaning it can no longer have the "high" affect. also, marijuana smoke does not contain any carcinogens like cigarettes smoke does. this is why mj does not cause cancer. therefore, no marijuana is not bad for the user. nor is it addictive. i so hate to hear uneducated people give their opinion or gov't cited propaganda to people who use marijuana to help them in their everyday lives. whether it be to destress or to help a woman eat while pg....ignorance is not what we need.


stressed - May 31

i would like to get pregnant, but i also like to smoke MJ. how does this affect me and my chances of getting pregnant and my unborn child? i would DEFINITELY stop once i found out that i was pregnant. any insight for me?


not stressed - May 31

I smoked until I got pg, and even some while I was pg, because I didn't know I was pg yet. I told my doc, and she said not to worry about it and that it didn't really pose a threat to the baby at those early stages. She said she couldn't guarantee a perfectly healthy baby, but she wouldn't be able to guarantee that even if I had not smoked. As soon as I took the preg test I quit and haven't smoked since. Don't fret, you can get pregnant...a secret a friend told me was to check for when your discharge turns "gummy" or "snotty". On that day you are fertile. (about 14 days after the first day of your period) Good luck!!


naturalmommy - June 1

wow, tempers are flying high! he-he, pardon the pun. what is the anger for happy mommy? why is this such a hot issue for you? you don't sound so happy. do you know that mj IS MEDICALLY RECOMMENDED for morning sickness, anxiety, arthritis, glaucoma, pain relief, insomnia, poor appet_te, and depression? now why would members of the medical community recommend the use of an illegal drug unless they were confident of it's positive abilities? i am a smokin mom with 6 kids whom i home school. my health has not been damaged, on the contrary i have been able to cut down the ssri i was taking for ocd, which had numerous nasty side affects, b/c i smoke my mj. and the health of my kids has not been affected. i nurse and my baby shows no signs of being hi, no strange cry, no lack of motor skills, and so on and so forth. as far as all the technical info on "potential" affects of mj on b___stfed infants, have you ever checked out similar info on OTC medications? "may cause irritibility", "may cause lethargy", "may cause vommitting", etc. walking down the street may cause a broken ankle too, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't walk, right? there's no way you can avoid the dangers of LIVING. however, i'll tell you one thing, i'd rather my baby have the munchies and take a nap than to be exposed to the dangers of vaccinations your infallible doctors want to inject into their tiny bodies! and for hoping that my kids get taken away, i have a few words for you, but i can't say them here. you have NO right whatsoever to make that kind of opinionated statement of ANY of the women here. for your info, i have 6 beautiful, healthy, obedient kids whom i care for all day long, by myself, whilst home schooling. not a bad gig for an unfit mother, huh? my kids are by far some of the most ourstanding kids around, as well as at least a year academically ahead of their peers. and you'd take them from me??? to do what??? to get lost in the public school system where'd they fall behind? to get separated from their siblings whom they love so dearly? to float from foster home to foster home desperatley missing the closeness they once had as a family? whose interest are you really concerned for here? i'd love to challenge you to find a better mother for my kids than me. can you care for 6 kids, all 7 years and younger, by yourself, all day every day, while still maintaining housework, cooking, laundry, nursing and home schooling? hmmm.... smoke a bowl happy mommy, you need it


naturalmommy - June 1

wow happy mommy, you alright? i'm going to address the issue of "potential" side effects from mj use... are you kidding me? have you checked out the "potential" side affects of half the stuff in your medicine cabinet? how about the side affects in the vaccinations that you allow your kids to get injected with faithfully? hey, i'd rather my kids get the munchies and take a nap than spike a fever, become irritable, have loose bowels, and wake with chicken pox. and as for you hope that we have our kids taken away from us, well, i have a few words for you, but i can't say them here. let's look at this on the personal level that you brough it to; i am a mother of 6 kids, all 7 years and younger. i nurse and i home school. so now, if my kids were to be taken away from me today, my infant would have to have a bottle of synthetic c___p shoved in his mouth. there's no doubt that the kids wold be seperated from each other, which would just b__w their minds. they'd be tossed into public school where they'll get lost in the ma__ses and surely fall behind in the studies they have been working so hard on. they'll float from foster home to foster home for who knows how long never being able to expereience the absolute and unconditional love from me, their birth mother. is this what you consider better? who's best interest are you really concerned with? now since the implication that i am a bad parent was given with the hope that my kids would be taken away from me, let's look at this; i already told you i have 6 kids, i nurse, and i home school..... that goes along with the regular cooking, cleaning, and maintaining of a household of 10 people. Could you do that?? hmmm... sounds like you need to smoke a bowl happy.


naturalmommy - June 1

wow happy mommy, are you ok? ok, first, regarding your comments on "potential" side effects, when was the last time you checked out the warnings and side effects on some of the stuff in your medicine cabinet? walking down the street can "potentially" give you a broken ankle, but it doesn't stop us from walking around, right? it's silly. now if it was emminent death (cancer, etc) i'd take the warnings more seriously. second, as for hoping that our kids get taken away, i have a few words for you, but i can't say them here. but let me say this, i'm a mother of 6 children, all 7 years and younger. i nurse and i home school. i also cook, clean, and maintain a household of 8 people. and i do it alone. think you could do what i do? think you could provide better for my children? my kids are exceptionally well behaved and acedemically a year or more ahead of their peers. they're also happy, healthy, fun kids. and you'd rather seperate them and put them in foster homes? who's best interest are you really interested in? weed does not hurt me or my babies. there is no diff in my b___stfed infant than in any other b___stfed infant. i am not sick, addicted, or dependant. i also am not incompetent. weed helps me to relax, just as a cup of tea may for you. weed helps me get my day going sometimes, just like your average cup of coffee, minus the harmful and addictive caffiene. weed also taked the place of a horrible ssri i was taking for ocd, paxil. i am grateful for my herb. sounds like you need some.


naturalmommy - June 1

sorry for the double post, my computer did something funny and i thought i lost the first post so i wrote a quick second one.


nm - June 1

so, does research scientifically confirm that mj causes add or adhd? as far as i know it is only a hypothesis holding no more water than the debate that God created us as opposed to the Big Bang theory. if there is no solid proof, then it can't be that bad or they would have already proved something. there are meds out there that they KNOW are dangerous, they'd figure out the same for mj if it was true. as for how will they test... they would ask moms already smoking the mk to sign up for a trial study just like they do for other "questionable" studies. i'm sure if they did so, they'd get a large turn out. i'd sign up for it. i'd love to prove mj harmless. but no scientist is asking, so, i'll go on my best judgement and toke on. my baby is great! and if he did end up with add or adhd, who's to say it was the mj? far as i know the docs don't know what causes add or adhd except genetics. blaming it on the mj is a far stretch in my opinion. deciding not to do it is a personal opinion, bu ti am writing my opinion for the original poster who is asking for info. while i dont have statistics memorized in my head, i did do a lot of my own research ("nursing and marijuana") and confidently made my dedision. i encourage you to do the same.


Jen - June 1

I don't think raising a child and smoking dope mix. Period. Why on earth would you want to be f**ked up around your beautiful baby, let alone feeding him or her marijuania milk??? It might be wise to check into AA or something along those lines. Best to you all.



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