Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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Jen - June 1

I don't think raising a child and smoking dope mix. Period. Why on earth would you want to be f**ked up around your beautiful baby, let alone feeding him or her marijuania milk??? It might be wise to check into AA or something along those lines. Best to you all.


k - June 1

I am wondering about potential harms of b___stfeeding while smoking too, however, from what I've read and who I've talked to (a bunch of b___stfeeding mothers who smoke pot), smoking isn't that bad. I smoked while I was pregnant until about week 30 and I stopped, just in case the hosiptal did test my baby. However, I will say that out of the five infants tested the day she was born for hearing and the APGAR she was the ONLY one that pa__sed the hearing test and she scored 8 on the APGAR. So, I think its safe to say that smoking marijuana while I was pregnant didn't cause any serious side effects. I didn't hit bongs or get so high I couldn't function, but I did smoke everyday. I also was careful NOT to hold a hit too long. Now, b___stfeeding is different and my baby is only two weeks old. From what I've read, I've decided to not smoke until she is one month old. But then I will smoke, just not around her. I don't believe that the THC will affect her adversely and I don't believe she'll be getting "high" (see that was one of my main concerns). I know I'm not being very 'scientific' about it but I did read just about everything I could get my hands on that broached the subject and I defintely talked to many many moms about it and I didn't just take their word for it...I checked to see how their children developed mentally, socially, physcially and whether-or-not they were academically acheiving also. They ALL seemed just fine.


my thought - June 1

It's a risk either way you slice it. Some people drink thru their entire pregnancy and have normal babies, other babies have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Some people get stretchmarks, some don't, some get morning sickness, some don't. It's a c___p shoot. One thing I have learned is that everyone's body and pregnancy is different. My mother had 3 "normal" kids and one autistic child. She didn't do anything different with him that she did with us. They don't know the exact reason why some children end up the way they do and others don't. My thought is do what you can to minimize your risks, then you won't feel guilty and know that you did everything you could, god forbid something goes wrong. I am not going to judge anyone else, do what you will. Strangers yelling and getting irate with one another certainly wouldn't have any bearing what I ultimately do with my body. All one can do is educate oneself and make their choice. P.S ES I don't do drugs of any kind before pregnancy or during, not everyone in here does.


Jen - June 2

It saddens me that some of you need weed to be happy and silly with your children. I do know the effects of mj...I smoked plenty of it in my twenties, but I am now in my thirties, acting responsibly and raising my family without the need to party all the time. A couple of questions...How many people do you think in this forum would allow a babysitter/nanny to care for their children that smoke weed daily? And how do you think a government children services agency would handle this matter? They would take away your children without blinking an eye. Something to think about...


ES - June 2

I was directing my comments at the drug user on here. Otherwise I also want to add that I know what MJ does because while I am not proud of it I have tried when I was a teenager. It does not do good things and it does impair judgement.


Jen - June 2

I agree with ES. I think those of you who decide to partake in pot smoking either during pregnancy or b___stfeeding are selfish. Is it such a sacrifice to give it up for the health of an innocent baby? If you feel you have to self-medicate for some mental health reasons perhaps you should consult a professional to help you choose a healthier path to feeling better. Best.


tara - June 2

It's realy a shot in the dark because at the end of the day the effects are not known. Your baby may end up healthy and s/he may not. It's really up to you what kind of chances you want to take...but consulting with your Dr. won't hurt at all. It's also true that if your child has problems later on who's to say it's the mj you smoked while pregnanct or b___stfeeding...but then again it very well maybe the effects of the smoking. I understand that some people find mj a better alternative to using medical drugs, but as long as you are using your best judgement when it comes to your baby and other childern.


Q for ES &those who agree - June 2

I have a couple of questions for the real ES and those who agree with her. 1. Do you live in a state that has approved mj for medical use? 2. Do you have a beef with preg or lactating moms that use it for non-recreational reasons, like "natural mom" who uses to control ocd, and the lady who needed it for SEVERE morning sickness (I mean not just a little)? 3. Or is your beef mostly with moms who use it recreationally? (meaning no medical reason, de-stress etc.) Please, only for the real ES, not the clone who claims to be an idiot. Thanks.


ES - June 2

I personally believe it is bad in all cases. I do not know if in my state it has been approved for medical use because I do not believe it should be approved for medical use. That is just me. I also believe that OCD can be treated several other ways and most time psychotherapy is the best route. As far as severe morning sickness I have very little sympathy. I have had several failed pregnancies 1 that I had to be hospitalized for morning sickness and I do not believe that a doctor prescribed the MJ for the person that took it on this website. Also if I read correctly the OCD person is taking herself off her medicine and subst_tuting MJ. Very few docotrs us MJ even where it is legal for medical use because there is a high instance of abuse. It is primarilly used for cancer patients and glaucoma. Now my beef is far worse with those who use MJ recreationally because they are actualll opening up a whole different can. First medicinal MJ is pure and not laced with other drugs. Street MJ can very easily be laced with other things. Next it is illegal to buy and sell and use so by blatently breaking the law it shows serious character flaws. Next driving under the influence of MJ is illegal because you are impaired and it is dangerous. It is dangerous because it calms you down and slows reaction time. Is that not also dangerous when you are supervising children. Next what kind of an example would we be setting for our children if they sa us using drugs? It sends a message that it is acceptable. Drug use is never acceptable. MJ is considered a gateway drug it leads to other drug use. Even in those on this site they will eventually need something stronger. Where do we draw the line? In ten years are we going to be justifying crystal meth or speed? Next needing to do drugs to keep oneself fit for life as many of these women claim they need to makes them in my eyes less than stable as parental figures. Finally I will close that stress relief can come in many ways and learning good coping skills is essential and I for one think drugs are not a good coping mechanism. Go for a run, play a sport, lift weights scream, sing, play an insturment, weed a garden, have s_x etc. There are many more constructive ways to eliminate stress.


livsmomma - June 2

oh and btw, my ob/gyn's only comment when i asked for her opinion on marijuana was "at least its not cigarettes" with no further input except "many of my other patients do much worse." and no, babies do not get taken away by social services for marijuana use. the most action taken is that the mother may have to see a counselor for 1 or 2 sessions. get a grip.


tara - June 2

I wouldn’t say I have a beef with anyone…just a difference of opinion that some may care about and some may not. Anyway, I live in a place that has legalized mj for medical use and is in the process of legalizing it carrying around small amounts...I don't agree with legalizing it for any other purpose other than medical use. I somewhat agree with its medical usage but only if other medications can be a greater risk to the mother! I really don’t think that moms should be using it recreationally at all. One of my best friends smokes on a nightly basis after her 7 year old son goes to bed. She has noticed her attention span has reduced and that she is not as fast a reader as she once was. But I also know of a person who can not concentrate unless he has had a toke or two! So here is proof for me that people react differently and I’m sure if you place these two people in a medical study they would end up on opposite sides. I have seen grade 7 kids smoking up at lunch and that to me is just plain wrong…some of them steal it away from their parent! That’s why I disagree with its legalization. Also, to livsmomma…ES has her opinion on the matter and so do you and I and others. There is no need for you to start calling ES names! I hope you know that this is a subject that for a long time to come everyone will have different opinions on this!


cali-gal to:ES - June 2

ES: I'm not going to bash you as others have, but I don't know if you are open to hear what I have to say. I only hope you listen with an open heart and open mind. Here in California marijuana is not only a legal medication for much more that cancer patients, it's also important for aids patients, who can't eat because of the strong anti-aids meds they have to take. MS patients use it to level out their symptoms, and yes, midwives (and some doctors) recommend it for strong cases of morning sickness. I also have read the Mothering magazine article about the mom who used for morning sickness. I don't remember what issue, but it's easy to find at their web site with a simple "marijuana and morning sickness" search. Along with it is an article that includes many studies that proved both harm and good. (in other words: inconclusive) I hope you check out the article, because it is very eye opening even to those that don't smoke or like it. I know when you are preg, you aren't supposed to take asprin, but Tylenol is OK. I guess that's because asprin can harm the baby, but Tylenol has no side effects. There are meds that are approved for pregnancy and those that are not. So if the FDA approved mj for med use, I'm sure you'd soften your stance against it... and if they said in moderate amouts it was ok for pregnant and lactating moms, you would also think it's ok... If the FDA said so... right? I know that is not the case as of yet, but I do know it hasn't allways been illegal in the US. It became illegal during prohibition along with alcohol. They abolished prohibition for alcohol, but not mj. The abolishment of prohibition of alcohol was not because of health reasons, it is clear to all that booze impares your judgement, creates tons of health problems, and causes violence, and death (drunk driving, overdose, choking on your own vomit). They re-legalized it because it created too much organized crime in America, which creates a whole other host of corruption. It was just too hard to regulate, and impossible to stop. So just because something is legal, doesn't make it good. Back to mj... Here in Cali it is not only socially acceptable to smoke, but also embraced as a deep part of California's culture. It is not laced, because people like it to be of high quality and pure. Grown from earth and sun. There is no need to lace, unless it is of low quality. It is so abundant here that no-one will buy unless it is of top quality. Usually the buyer is familliar with the source, and even the name of the strain. People don't buy it on "the street" but from close friends and neighbors. It is by far the biggest cash crop (by like 10 times over oranges) and the penalty for using is minimal. In Nevada, though, they have a strict policy against, punishable by jail time. (where prost_tution is legal and so is gambling) Here in Cali, even those who don't smoke, or have never smoked are usually tolerant to those that do-- a very liberal society.(I'm ok, you're ok). I myself was a daily smoker until the day I found out I was "with child"... but that's just my personal choice. I also quit drinking beer, and coffee. I did have morning sickness but not severe enough to warrent smoking pot to cure, as I could eat, and did not vomit. I didn't suffer any withdrawl, (so I was not addicted dispite years of daily use) and still like the way it smells. Others can smoke in front of me and I don't jones (crave) for it. I would like to raise my children to know about it as a very special herb that GOD made for us. I won't give it to them, but like you (shamefully) admitted to trying as a teen, they will most likely ecounter it as teens. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you were curious and that's ok. You decided it was not for you and that's ok too. I just want to defend my character by saying that I am not a bad person. I'm not ignorant either... I have a B.S. degree in Philosophy. I am a very compa__sionate person involved in my community including volunteer work with special olympics, art galleries, the elderly and the homeless. I love people and it really hurt me to hear you call us "a drain on society and polluters." I pour alot into society, and don't pollute, I pick up other people's garbage everytime I go to the beach. I also work with those that many consider to "drain" society, like the homelss, the mentally challenged, and elderly... I know you didn't mean them, but it still stung to hear your angry words. This world needs more LOVE and not condemnation. I know you said it in anger, and in turn DO NOT intend to condemn you. I just hope that you take what I have said to heart. Open your heart to people. They have weeknesses and you do too. Compa__sion is the key to a happy life and that means forgiving people that do things that you would not do. Understanding their viewpoint is the way to influence people... not screaming hateful words at them. ES, I know you have alot to offer the world, and you love to research so please, do seek the article in Mothering Magazine... Even if you disagree with it totally, at least you'll hear another perspective of doc_mented information besides the diologue in this thread. Thanks for listening and best of luck to you and child. Livsmomma: you would probably like the article too...


ES - June 3

You have cited your point well but even if the FDA approved it I would still disagree with the use of MJ. I disagree with the use of oxycontin and the FDA approved that. As far as other medical uses like AIDS patients that you mentioned- PLEASE DON"T GET ME STARTED. I think that drugs and drug trade are a drain on society and I doubt the people you say are using it medicinally have a doctors prescription or medical waiver. And even with those things you are still not permitted to grow your own. It is a total lack of respect and disreguard for authority. I have no tolerance for Driving under the influence of anything. You talk about alcohol I think that too is a waste of life. I think that people should not use things that impair their normal state of mind. And my heart is very open I think people who use drugs are a DRAIN on society and I think that they need help. So my heart is open I will help them get into rehab and break the cycle of drug use. For those few people in the world with medical waivers that acquire their MJ from the US federal medical supply great for them. At least they are following the rules. But mark my words the next time my EMS radio goes off and I find yet another dead family because a person toked it up I will have even less sympathy for them after hearing the pro pot people on this site. Mothers who do not care enough about their children not to use drugs. Mothers who think its ok to do drugs. Mothers defending the use and setting an example to their children that drugs are ok.


ES - June 3

And if you want to cite education as a basis for your lack of ignorance- I have a BS in forensic science and chemistry and a minor in biology. I have an a__sociates in fire pyrotechnics and emergency medical services. I have been a paramedic and paramedic instructor for 7 years. And I will complete my masters in biology in December. So education is not necessarily going to make you case look stronger. Heck is doesn't surprise me that you are in philosophy because all my philosophy professors and psych professors were in support of drugs. They thought it expanded your mind. I believe if you mind needs that much expansion get out of whatever you are trying to do. But hey maybe that is the scientist in me. I cannot and will not support drug use. That goes for lots of drugs both legal and illegal. But my stand is on drugs that impair the normal consciousness of a patient.


to:ES - June 3

Who died after toking? It is NOT illegal to grow in California for medical reasons, and yes, they do have doctor's orders to take it. You can doubt, but that's the facts. BTW, did you read the article? (in the article she did not have a prescription) but what is your beef with AIDS patients using it? And do you really believe that science is the end all be all of knowlwdge? The let me ask you this... Do you love your children? (of course you do.) But can you prove that scientifically?


ES - June 3

Gosh you are amazing... The guy who got HIGH AND DROVE THE CAR INTO THE FAMILY. He killed them all. Furthermore I have read the laws and while it is not a prescription it is a medical waiver written by the doctor that is required and you cannot grow your own. And I do think science hold many answers especially on the effects of drugs. Gosh I didn't know that love was a drug.



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