Marijuana And Breastfeeding

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ES - June 3

Gosh you are amazing... The guy who got HIGH AND DROVE THE CAR INTO THE FAMILY. He killed them all. Furthermore I have read the laws and while it is not a prescription it is a medical waiver written by the doctor that is required and you cannot grow your own. And I do think science hold many answers especially on the effects of drugs. Gosh I didn't know that love was a drug.


to ES - June 3

By telling you about my degree I wasn't trying to strengthen my argument about mj, but just let you know that I am educated. And not one of my profs ever even mentioned drug use in any way, not to expand the mind or anything. So I don't know where you went to school, but where I went there was no talk in any of the many of the Phil cla__ses I took about drug use. As far as Psycology, I don't really agree with it, and I'm not quite sure why you brought that up. You say all of your phil and psych prof were in favor of drugs, how many of those cla__ses did you take? Are you sure thay ALL were? Sounds strange to me. Have you ever been wrong about anything, or are you right all of the time? It sounds like you really have a deep desire to be right all of the time. As a scientist I would think you would realize that you can't possibly know everything, and science doesn't either. Science never will because at some point you run to the edge of knowledge and that's it...metephysics kicks in. Science can not answer the big questions in life like why does humanity exist, why am I here, where does the soul go when you die, and a million other important life questions that can never be answered period. Even with all of your masters degrees, even with your whole resumee. You could be a little more humble. It would do you alot of good, you would sound a lot less like a big fat know it all.


ES - June 3

I don't claim to know it all but I do stand firmly behind knowing that drugs are bad. This discussion was not about where does the soul go etc. That is inconsequential to the issue which is are drugs bad for the infant. So stick to the subject, drugs impair judgement. THC is the drug in MJ that causes the impairment. It is secreted in b___stmilk and it will impair the baby. Period. And no do not get me started on AIDS patients this is a website for pregnant people and this particular post was about the dangers of b___stfeeding while smoking pot. If mothers care about their children they would not do drugs. Any drugs!


to ES - June 3

Glad to hear you admit that you aren't right about everything.


Claudia - June 4

Well Angel you wanted real scientific research but your topic is way to hot! Your right, you need to find out the actual truth and if you are truely concerned then you will. No matter how well intentioned every person who has answered you is they are not experts or researchers or doctors. I am a__sumeing you have a "good reason" for smoking MJ anyway...but the one concern that kept entering my mind is who takes over the care of your child while you are getting high and while your are high? A sidenote to the affects this may or may not have on your son everyone KNOWS MJ affects a persons judgement and reaction time...if you do not think so ask my nephew...oh wait you can't...he was ran over by to teenage girls when he was 7...oh yea, they were high.


me - June 4

being high on weed does NOT make you drive into people. whoever did these crimes prob had something else going on. i also was an emt and NEVER saw an accident of ANY kind related to weed. part of the area my company covered was a bad area regarding drugs and violence and not ONCE did we have a call related to WEED. now heroine, meth, they are diff stories... and i don't care about my kids if i smoke pot? that's awfully presumptious. my kids are well taken care of. i am not too stoned to care for them. i think you're concept of "stoned" is warped. oh, and please tell me who of you all can take care of 6 kids, 7 years old and younger, home school, nurse, cook, and clean?? please step forward....


livsmomma - June 4

exactly previous poster. and actually, my father is a doctor and my mother is a nurse. neither one saw anything wrong with me smoking while pregnant, b___stfeeding or otherwise. in fact, my dad agreed that it would be best for me instead of pharmacutical nausea drugs and of course, b___stfeeding is always best no matter what the circ_mstances. heres a study for the op done by the american academy of pediatrics proving mj use by the mother while pg and b/fing to be beneficial to the child =marijuana&searchid=1091465289770_8780&stored_search=&FIRSTINDEX=20&sortspec=relevance&journalcode=pediatrics


hbmw - June 4

b___stfeeding while using moderate amounts of marijuana is still safer than formula feeding. however i would say try to smoke as soon as you have finished nursing so that you have a few hours to get it out of your system before you nurse again.a couple hits shouldnt be a big deal


b__terflywing - June 6

This thread appears to be old, but just want to ad my two cents. Raising children is an extremely intense and stressful responsibility at moments. Not everyone has grown up in a perfect world like some people who always have the best happen to them. It is proven that there is an immense amount of stress placed on a mother in the first months after the birth of a child. There are many ways to deal with this continuous stress-I believe listen for the signals from within only you have the true answer. Marujuana use in our society is very much shunned, especially when the mother is caring for an infant. THe anicient practice of this ceremonial peaceable herb is no longer remembered-as it cleasnse the chakras and opens the senses. It's not like your b__wing the smoke in the innocent child's face-just remeber to do what's best for yourself and your child. If it doesn't feel right with you it probably isn't and remember God protects the children, as long as overindulgence doesn't play a key. THis is definately a societal stigmata-it doesn't make it truly right or wrong. I believe we each have our lessons to learn and judgement of any kind could come back on us.


asking - June 20

I would like to get some more info and advise on the use of mj use while brestfeeding before I have my baby and want to start smoking again. I have quit since I found out I was pregnant but found myslef wanting to smoke again. Can anyone help me?


nm - June 20

hi there, have you read the rest of this thread yet? there is a hot debate about whether or not smoking mj is harmful while pregnant and/or while b___stfeeding. my take on it is this "briefly"; i am currently nursing my 5 months old and smoking mj and there has been NO adverse side effects. my son is BIG and ALERT. i also have friends who smoked while preggo and they have had no complications. weed is far better than alcohol or ciggs (natural, no additives, no addiction...) and yet people still think it's ok to fool around with those drugs while preggers/bf.... weed just has a negative stamina insome areas, has nothing to do with weed actually being "bad" (cause it's not), it just has to do with society. do what's best for you. for more info about mj, mj and pregnancy, mj and b___stfeeding, mj and recipes, mj and the law, etc, email my friend at [email protected] for the site address and pa__sword. and CONGRATS ON YOUR LITTLE BUN IN THE OVEN!


Lesley - June 20

Who in their right mind would want to smoke illegal substances while pregnant or b___stfeeding a child? And also how do you manage to look after the baby while you are as high as a kite?


livsmomma - June 22

man, you sure do sound angry. maybe you do NEED to smoke. at least most stoners are peaceful and not so violent sounding...


Julie - June 22

Actually, I am angry. At the fact that there are so many selfish people in the world. Who put their own interests ahead of the innocent lives they've created. Because they've grown accustomed to living one way doesn't mean it's the best way or the right way or even necessarily mean they are happy living that way. Ever hear of using drugs for an escape mechanism? Why do you think these people can't or won't give it up? THEY are the ones who are angry with somthing and THEY are the ones who are not happy with their lives. I was unhappy at that time, and yes, marijuana does make you mellow and forget about all your problems...temporarily...but guess what? It creates a whole new set. Believe me, I know this. It's not healthy, It's not legal, and it's not worth it. How the f**k some people don't understand this is beyond me. Selfish and STUPID. That's all that kind are.


Julie - June 22

Oh and by the way....Whoever said that marijuana is all natural and organic and won't hurt you blah blah blah....Um, I have bought pot in years past with everything under the sun added to it. Many growers add chemicals to the plants when they are growing to ensure a larger crop. That's not the worst of it, I have smoked weed with coke, opium, you name it in it without knowing it until after. They want you to get hooked, so you buy more. Hello. What better way than adding stuff to it. Also, we are not talking about the pot of the 60's here...we are talking about 2005 and there are insanely higher levels of THC in it now. You obviously are not knowledgeable about what you are putting in your body. Seeing as how that is the case, I suggest you stop. It never hurt anyone to be intelligent. : ) P.S. That is the only thing I'm angry about in life, is the fact that people are so infinitely stupid and don't realize that kids are a gift that we are entrusted with. I love my kids and my husband more than anything and I have never been happier with my life than I am right now. So, a violent, angry, I am not. Disgusted with other people....perhaps.


ccm - June 22

i have the same question i had a friend that smoked weed during pregnancy and her kids are fine i had another friend who smoked it while b___stfeeding and during pregnancy and she said her kid at first had collic then thats when she started to smoke weed while b___stfeeding and the colic went away



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