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angelinakai - October 6

If you had mast_tis, would you definitely know? One of my bbs is very sore, even after I pump it empty and I'm concerned that I might have mast_tis. Its not extremely painful after pumping, though, it just feels like its still engorged. I make way more milk than my son needs and Im not really sure what to do about it. I wait to pump until I can't take it any more, hoping that I'll stop making so much. If I pump more, won't I make more? B--tfeeding is much more involved than I would have thought. My son is 11days old btw. Thanks!


Val - October 6

I'm not an expert on mast_tis, but I think you'd probably know. I think I had a mild case a couple of weeks back. Do you have any other mast_tis symptoms such as red streaking or flu-like symptoms? If you have a fever, you should definitely call your doctor. On the other hand, if you don't have any other symptoms, could it be a plugged duct? Are there any sort of hard/sore parts on your bb? Plugged ducts can lead to mast_tis, so if it's a plugged duct, work on it by ma__saging it, and trying different feeding positions for your baby. If you do pump more, you will probably make more, if you wait too long between pumpings or feedings, you could end up with plugged ducts which is no good!


Jen - October 7

Months ago my doctors nurse diagnosed me over the phone and called in a prescription. I had a fever, I was chilled, and the area was really red. I was in pain! And to top it off the pharmacy ended up giving me the wrong prescription, luckily I caught that error before i took any. I hear if it goes untreated u could end up needing surgery. Good luck, feel better. I hated it!


Jen - October 7

I just noticed u said your son is 11 days...I did not get this till my son was 6 months. Does anyone know if it can happen this early? Congrats on your baby.


wailing - October 12

I got mast_tis around 4wks. I got really bad flu like syptoms and felt really ill. There was also a slight sore spot on my b___st. The Dr. called in a prescriotion to me for antibiotics. If ur sore even after pumping and it is in one spot...u may have the beginnings of mast_tis. Try ma__saging the area and putting warm compresses on it. But, I would def call ur Dr. to make sure. It can get serious if not treated. Also, to answer ur question...yes, if u keep pumping when ur engorged u will continue to make milk . Try hand expresing enough to get comfortable (pushing milk out w/ out the use of pump) so u don't stimulte the nipple (works best and easiest in the shower). If u have to pump try to do on low setting and only enough to relieve pressure. Good Luck


maryg - October 14

I had clogged ducts, which can lead to mast_tis, but don't automatically lead to mast_tis. If you don't have a fever, you can try treating this yourself before you call the doctor. Use warm compresses (I used a sock filled with rice warmed in the microwave that they gave me in the hospital) on the affected b___st for maybe 5 minutes before nursing. I also read on Dr. Sears' site, instead of ma__saging the b___st, to press hard on the lump at the spot that's farthest away from your nipple until it hurts. Keep pressing on it until it stops hurting then move to a little closer to the nipple. Keep this up the whole time you're nursing on that side. This will really help! I did both of these things every time I nursed all day and by nighttime the lump was almost completely gone and the pain was totally gone. I was about 2 weeks postpartum when this happened to me too, but it has never happened since then. Good luck!


Mommiex20803 - October 14

Hey i just over a case of mast_tis...and honestly i didnt even know what it was son who is now 2 1/2 months old but when he was only 5 weeks he developed thrush and soon enough the thrush on me made me EXTREMELY sore...on a scale of 1-10 the pain was about an it was very bad but one day i had a cold and all of a sudden i started having extreme body aches and a fever so i figured i had the flu or something so i went to the doctor to see what i had and he told me all i had was a cold but i noticed on my left b___st that it was red (not the nipple but my skin) i had the doctor look at it and it was very sore to touch and felt like i was engorged (when i wasnt) he prescribed me an antibotic...and eventually it went i know that you will know if you have mast_tis...whether it be just a red spot or you'll have a fever and some body aches....but you'll know...hopefully you wont have it...its not fun at the bad part of it is the first 24 hours after taking the medicine your not allowed to b___stfeed at have to pump and throw the milk away...i HATED giving my son formula but i guess i had to do what i had to do...and yes if you pump you will produce more....anyways congrats on your baby and good luck!



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