May Have To Stop Bf Am An Emotional Wreck

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Newmom - June 1

My ds is 3 months old, and has had a milk protein allergy practically since birth. He seems to do ok when I cut out main dairy products, ie milk, cheese, ice cream. I'm just wondering if anyone else is able to eat most foods with whey and other milk products, and just cut out milk. I am not ready to stop bf because I know the health benefits to him. But I also cannot afford to buy two different meal plans for me and dh. I feel as if I'm using him as a guinea pig by doing the elimination diet. It breaks my heart to think I'm eating something that will hurt him and his little tum tum. His doc said that he has already gotten most of the antibodies for a healthy immune system, but it seems to me bf may be worth the sacrifice. Any input or advice? I've cried and agonized so much over this, I just want what's best for him. Thanks


Annette - June 1

I´d encourage you to continue if you think it is worth the sacrifice. You can try cooking a non-dairy diet for both you and hubbie; I had a similar problem, and after adjusting a couple things in my diet he did very well. My MIL says the bad protein is in cow milk, but you can try soy... if you dare...


Trac - June 2

I had to cut out dairy from my diet with my dd but I only had to eliminate milk. I could still have yogurt once or twice a week and cheese, just not every day. Try for good tips. If you really want to continue, they have great support there. Good luck! I hope it works out for you.


Susan W - June 2

I would definitely encourage you to keep going!!!! is a great resource, and the online La Leche League message board has a forum specifically for this type of problem!! But from what I understand, you could probably handle yogurt and some cheeses, as the problematic parts are broken down during the fermentation process it takes to make those products. I am not sure why you have to buy two different meals for you and your DH. I would make my hubby just eat what I am eating and if that's no ice cream, too bad for him :) And your doctor is right and wrong. Your son has gotten many antibodies. But . . . Nursing for at least a year is best for your baby, and the WHO says two is even better. Hang in there. You are doing fine!! And you do not have to give up!



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