Medela Lactina Select Vs Pump In Style

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Elle - July 10

I am currently renting a hospital grade electric pump, the Medela Lactina Select. I love it and it has saved our br___tfeeding experience. However, the monthly rental fees are adding up quick so I am considering purchasing a Pump in Style. Does anyone know if the PIS is equally as powerful as the Lactina? The Medela website says they are comparable but I would love to hear from someone who has experience with both. Thanks so much for any input!


lindsay - July 10

i don't have any experience w/ the lactina select, but i do have a pump in style, and i did pump in the H w/ their hospital pump, and the pump in style works just as well in my opinion... it is the best investment i made this time around... i get 5-9 ounces, depending on time of day w/ pis, where as i used a manual pump w/ my first baby, and only ever got 4 ounces total at the MOST! so i would say the pis is totally powerful enough... i have no problem stimulating letdown.. good luck!


Elle - July 11

Thank you so much Lindsay! I appreciate your response. I'm sick at the rental fees I have paid - I could be the proud owner of a PIS already! Does the Original and Advanced have the same motor/power? Is the only difference the letdown feature on the Advanced? Anyone else care to share their opinion on the PIS? Thanks!


lindsay - July 11

i think the 2 major diffences of the original and advanced are:letdown feature, like you said, and the speed has 1/2 settings... not sure is this simulates a half a suck( like one full suck, one half, much like "real" nursing) or if the halves are just part pf the speed settings themselves.. does that make sense/ i'm not sure how else to describe it! i also think the advanced comes w/ a manual pump attatchment... i was going to get the advanced, and i had asked my side of the family for money instead of gifts to offset the cost of it for me, and i didn't get enough to purchase the advanced(it's $70 more than the original) but i am VERY happy w/ the orig pis.. i don't think you can go wrong either way, just a matter of what you're willing to spend!


lindsay - July 11

but to answer your question, i believe the motor power is the same... you get to set the amount of suction and speed...



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