Medela Pump In Style Or Advanced

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mom42 - February 18

I have used a manual pump with both babies, even while working full-time. With #2, I am starting to struggle to keep up (also am running out of reserve frozen bmilk). I supplemented with formula with my first, but woul rather not this time. SO...I'm thinking about getting an electric pump with the expectation that I will be able to produce more. I'm pretty concerned about the cost, but it seems like I may be able to get about half back in resale. Also, there is apossibility we may have another baby so it may be reused by me. I'm debating between the pump in style and the pis advanced. Any advice on whether the electric will be worth it for me and, if so, which one? Thanks in advance.


j - February 18

go with Ameda Purely Yours.......a bit cheaper top of the line pump....$ reat


Emy - February 19

I have pump in style and I absolutely LOVE it!


K - February 20

I went to a b___stfeeding cla__s that discussed and rated all the pumps. They said if you are going back to work full time, the only pump to use (buy or rent) is a Medela. They say that none of the others compare and you get what you pay for. They said that both the pump in style and advanced are great pumps, but the advanced pumps faster so if you want to spend less time at it , that's the one to get.


mom42 - February 20

Thanks for the advice so far. I have always used Medela manual pumps, so am pretty set on a medela brand pump. There is about a $30-50 price difference in the PIS and the Advanced, so I wonder if it is worth it. Good to know that the Advanced is faster. For those who use either, did your milk supply increase with the electric?


Heidi - February 21

My supply went up when I went back to work and started pumping. I find that on Friday I end up freezing all of Friday's milk plus sometimes Thursdays cus I'm getting more than what she needs at daycare. I could have bought the Advanced but I heard it's not much different and sort of confusing. It has something to do with your letdown or something. Go on line and read up on it before buying it. If it pumps faster that would be great. I bought my PIS used for $80 and they have the Advanced used for the same but wasn't sure on the difference and didn't know much about them other than the PIS was the one all my friends used and loved. If I'd known it pumped faster I would have gotten it though since it was the same price.


nancy - February 21

I have the Medela advance and I think it's great. It does have a special feature that simulates baby's faster sucking in the beginning of a feed to stimulate letdown. I am able to pump an extra 6oz a day more than what my baby takes. Before buying, I researched prices on the web and found the cheapest at for $220 with free shipping.


dsmack80 - February 21

I bought the advanced; it's really not that complicated. There's a b___ton that you can manually push once you feel your milk let down. or...after 2 minutes it automatically switches to let down mode. I LOVE it. I had a cheap Evenflo pump but noticed my supply going low when I went back to work. Now my supply is back to normal and then some. and it is fast and quiet. Definately worth the extra for advanced.


makydoo826 - February 22

Hello, I have been exclusivly pumping for 6 months. My daughter was born 16 weeks early, weighed only 1 lb. 5 oz. and was 12 inches long. She will not b___stfeed for me, so I purchased a Pump In Style Advance. I spoke with the lactation consultant before purchasing it because I needed something close to a hospital grade pump to keep my milk supply. She recommended the Advanced because it has 2 cycle pumping. It has a let down cycle and a express cycle. It works just as well as the hospital grade pump I was renting. I would recommend the PIS Advance. If you are worried about cost, some hospitals sell them for less than the stores. I purchased mine on EBAY from a mom that only used it 4 times and had to stop. I got it for less than half of what it costs new. Hope this helps.


mom42 - February 22

Thanks so much for all the advice. I contacted the Lactation consultant at my hospital and she offered to loan me one for a few days so I can try it out. So, hopefully in a few days I'll know whether I should buy one or not. One question though-if you buy a used, do you purchase the personal parts (tubes/b___st shields (?)/etc.) separately?



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