Medela Pump In Style VS Ameda Purely Yours

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Jenn - January 19

Hi everyone! This is my first baby and I want to give br___tfeeding my best shot. The Ameda pump is about $100 less. Medela seems to be more popular. However, in the reviews I read online they seem about equal. Please share your opinions and experiences with these pumps.


Moe - January 20

I just know that my lactation nurse told me that you better by medela it is the best b___st pump overall. She has been a lactation nurse for over 20 years and she knows what she's talking about. I personally use the medela and it is a great pump but that is the only one that i have ever used. I have never experienced the Ameda. Good -luck and b___st feeding as you know really is best for both of you! I have 2 children and I regret not b___st feeding my first one but on my second baby I have lost almost all of my weight and My first baby it took alot longer and alot more exercising!! Good luck


Christine - February 2

I used AMEDA.. and LOVED IT.... when I did a slight problem with the pump they sent me a new one BEFORE I returned the other so that I could contunue to pump untill the new one arrived and they even paid for the return... I think that says alot for the company. they stand behind their product 100%


Erika - February 15

I have the Ameda and I love it. WAY worth the money saved. It's very portable and easy to clean. The motor itself weighs less than a pound, while I hear the Medela PIS's motor weighs 7 pounds. I can usually finish pumping both sides in 10-15 minutes. I normally get 2- 2.5 ounces from each side, like I did from the hospital pump. It took me about 3 sessions to figure out which suction and cycle was best for me, now it's really simple and painless. Good luck on your decision. You'll probably be happy with either pump.


dalewhither - June 15

Really the Medela b___st pumps are the best choice for any mom as far as I am concerned. I am using the medela b___st pump for the past 1 year and its really comfortable to pump the milk using the medela b___st pump. They are safe and easy to use.


dalewhither - June 22

I am using the Ameda b___st pump from 6 months. After using the pump the cleaning of the pump is really easy and comfortable. The Ameda brand has always been known for providing nursing moms with the best in the industry.



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