Milk Everywhere

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? - December 8

Hello everyone, I have a sort of embarassing question. When I br___tfeed I notice milk leaking a little from the outside of my areola, the part my little one doesnt get inside his mouth. Is this normal or something wrong with my br___ts?


Lisa*9 - December 8

There is nothing wrong except the fact that it sounds like the baby hasn't latched on properly. To make sure have the baby open it's mouth wide and place baby on vrest. Make sure the sucking action of the baby's lips look like fish lips,to have a good latch. When in doubt look up b___stfeeding in your search engine. Maybe someone could research it for you or just check out different b___stfeeding questions on the page you posted the orginal question.


Christy - December 8

This has happened to me and it is because of a poor latch. Try to get as muc of your areola as you can in his mouth. I know it is hard to do but it will help. If the issue persists, call a lactation consultant.


Sarah - December 8

It was that way for me for awhile and my daughter had a great latch.It was b/c I had oversupply and the flow was too fast for her to swallow it all so it just dripped around and down the sides and everywhere. That just my experience.


Jamie - December 8

Is the leak coming from your b___st, or just dribbling from his mouth? If it's just dribbling from his mouth, that's nothing to worry about - he's just not swallowing as quickly as it's flowing.


Christy - December 8

Sorry- I just remembered Joey on "Friends" trying to guzzle a gallon of milk in under a minute and it was pouring down his face and the front of his shirt. Too funny. . . I guess too much milk could be the culprit too. :)


Lesley - December 9

LOL Yeah!! That was the one where he was speaking French hahahaha.


Christy - December 9

Yeah, he'd say "Blah blah blah, blee blee blue." LOL! Too funny. Anyway, I had this issue this morning while feeding my little guy. My bra was soaked! I immediately thought of this thread when it occurred. I need to start using a towel "just in case" b/c it is really annoying when I spill like that!


skinnyminny - December 13

i thought i read somewhere that there are little glands on your areola too that also produce a milky substance, i don't think its leaking from your babies mouth, but actually coming out of these little mini ducts. I can't remember where i read it, sorry



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